Does the BAKFlip MX4 Include Everything Needed to Install it on My 2019 Dodge Ram?


Dodge Ram Owner: I was calling about a price quote I received on a tonneau cover for my truck.

Peter: Okay what truck was it for?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a 2019 Dodge Ram, 1500, crew cab, it's the new body style, without the Ram boxes. Five foot seven bed.

Peter: And which cover were you looking at?

Dodge Ram Owner: The BAKFlip MX4

Peter: Okay. Yes, that's the most popular.

Dodge Ram Owner: You have the best price on it. What do I need to do to order this?

Peter: I can take care of it with you right now if you'd like.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okie dokie, and you'll send an email confirmation?

Peter: Yes. Allow about five to seven days for delivery. You're going to get an email confirmation here in just a second.

Dodge Ram Owner: Will it give me the part number for the BAKFlip MX4?

Peter: Yes, in the email. It's a 448227.

Dodge Ram Owner: 448227, that's everything to install it and all that, right?

Peter: Yes.

Dodge Ram Owner: So it's ready to go, when it gets here I install it and I'm good to go? I don't need to make modifications or drill to install it?

Peter: Nope. It's a pretty straightforward installation.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okie dokie, well, if I have any questions I'll call you back your contact information's on the email.

Peter: Yeah, you're good to go.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove