What Features Are Included With The Undercover Ultra Flex For a 2018 Dodge 2500?


Dodge Owner: You sent me an email. I was looking for a cover for the bed of my truck.

Peter: Okay, what truck was it for?

Dodge Owner: It's for a 2018 Dodge 2500 with a 6'4 bed.

Peter: Okay and do you have Ram boxes on there?

Dodge Owner: No sir, no Ram boxes.

Peter: Okay and which cover were we talking about?

Dodge Owner: Well I was looking at the one that's made by UnderCover, I guess it would be the Ultra Flex.

Peter: Okay. Gotcha. Yep that's a great cover. I sent you that quote in your email, but it's also free shipping, and there's no sales tax.

Dodge Owner: Cool. Can I order an Ultra Flex then?

Peter: Sure!

Dodge Owner: To make sure that's the one I was wanting, it has the carpet underneath, right?

Peter: Yes

Dodge Owner: And it has the drains as well?

Peter: That's right.

Dodge Owner: I think the Ultra Flex also has a light, a battery powered light in it or something.

Peter: It does. That's it.

Dodge Owner: Okay. That's the one I want.

Peter: Got it.

Dodge Owner: Now that's got a, kind of a flat black finish on it, right?

Peter: It does.

Dodge Owner: Okay. Hey, while I've got you, do you also have those tool boxes that mount and swing out?

Peter: Yes we do.

Dodge Owner: Okay. I'll do that later.

Peter: Alright. So you're going to have this by the end of the week here.

Dodge Owner: That's fine.

Peter: You're going to get an email confirmation in just a second. There we go.

Dodge Owner: I've been looking at these things, and looking at em and looking at em, and far as I can tell, that's what I want so I'm happy now.

Peter: That's a great cover.

Dodge Owner: Yeah, it saved me about $100 bucks ordering it through y'all, so that's a good deal.

Peter: That's great. Well, thank you very much.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove