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How Do I Find the Right Mudflaps For My 2019 Chevy Colorado?

Chevy Colorado Owner: Do you guys have mudflaps?

Peter: Yes we do.

Chevy Colorado Owner: We're interested in mudflaps. I have a 2019 Chevy Colorado.

Peter: The most popular mudflaps are going to be the WeatherTech.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Okay, I'm on my computer right now. Is there any way I can find that?

Peter: Yeah, WeatherTech.com. And you want to put your truck info in at the top.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Now is that for front and back?

Peter: I believe so, yes, let me double-check. Do you have the ZR2 package?

Chevy Colorado Owner: No we have Z71 off-road package.

Peter: Yeah, and with these, we ask that you select the part number because it asks you some specific questions about the truck.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Well, I've got WeatherTech, but I've got several sites to pick from. Official website, is that where I want to go?

Peter: Yeah, you want to go to weathertech.com

Chevy Colorado Owner: Okay, I've got the website up. Mudflaps is that the category I go into?

Peter: Yep. Is it asking you those questions about the vehicle?

Chevy Colorado Owner: Yes, I've got all my information in there.

Peter: Do you have the fender flares?

Chevy Colorado Owner: The fender flares are those black add on things? Yeah, it doesn't have that.

Peter: Okay I've got the correct part number here.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Okay, can we just order it through you? 

Peter: Yeah. Okay, I'm going to get this all shipped out. You should have this by the end of the day Thursday or Friday at the latest.