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Pace Edwards Truck Bed Covers

Launched as a company that made and sold sailboat parts, Pace Edwards has innovated and evolved into a market leader in truck accessories. In 1988, we became the first company to offer a retractable truck bed cover.

Today Pace Edwards continues to lead the industry, specializing in spring-activated and electric retractable covers. Just as our customer’s needs have changed over the years, we continue to add new products to our line.

In 2000, Pace Edwards purchased Bedlocker, adding a motorized retractable option to the line. In the years since, we’ve introduced Jackrabbit (2002), Full-Metal Jackrabbit (2006) and Switchblade (2013), giving customers access to a variety of hardworking retractable covers to meet the needs of our customer’s diverse lifestyle and work needs.

Today, as part of the Truck Accessories Group LLC, we remain committed to creating high-quality products that are rugged and reliable. Each is designed to give our customers convenient, versatile and secure options for their truck cargo and gear.

We strive to give our customers the highest level of technical support and customer service, then back our products with the best warranties in the industry.

Pace Edwards Truck Bed Covers

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