FAQ — 2019 Chevy Colorado


How Do I Find the Right Mudflaps For My 2019 Chevy Colorado?

Chevy Colorado Owner: Do you guys have mudflaps?

Peter: Yes we do.

Chevy Colorado Owner: We're interested in mudflaps. I have a 2019 Chevy Colorado.

Peter: The most popular mudflaps are going to be the WeatherTech.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Okay, I'm on my computer right now. Is there any way I can find that?

Peter: Yeah, WeatherTech.com. And you want to put your truck info in at the top.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Now is that for front and back?

Peter: I believe so, yes, let me double-check. Do you have the ZR2 package?

Chevy Colorado Owner: No we have Z71 off-road package.

Peter: Yeah, and with these, we ask that you select the part number because it asks you some specific questions about the truck.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Well, I've got WeatherTech, but I've got several sites to pick from. Official website, is that where I want to go?

Peter: Yeah, you want to go to weathertech.com

Chevy Colorado Owner: Okay, I've got the website up. Mudflaps is that the category I go into?

Peter: Yep. Is it asking you those questions about the vehicle?

Chevy Colorado Owner: Yes, I've got all my information in there.

Peter: Do you have the fender flares?

Chevy Colorado Owner: The fender flares are those black add on things? Yeah, it doesn't have that.

Peter: Okay I've got the correct part number here.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Okay, can we just order it through you? 

Peter: Yeah. Okay, I'm going to get this all shipped out. You should have this by the end of the day Thursday or Friday at the latest.

How Do I Get The Best Price on a BAK Revolver X2 for a 2019 Chevy Colorado?

Chevy Owner: Yeah Sean, I'm looking for a Tonneau cover for my 2019 Chevy Colorado. You guys sent me a quote.

Sean: Okay. What kind of Tonneau Cover are you looking at?

Chevy Owner: I'm looking for the BAK Revolver X2

Sean: What size bed is it? Short bed or standard bed?

Chevy Owner: Yeah, it's a five foot two short one. Is the price you quoted with your Earth Day special?

Sean: Yes sir.

Chevy Owner: Is that the best price you can get me on that cover?

Sean: I'll tell you what, in the spirit of Earth Day, I'll give you another 10 bucks off.

Chevy Owner: Let's go with that. I'll go ahead and order it.

Sean: Okay.

Chevy Owner: Actually, before I say okay, how long is it going to take before I can get it?

Sean: They ship within two days, so you're looking at about two days to ship, and three days to make it to you. So, within five to seven days you should see your cover.

Chevy Owner: Perfect! Alright, let's get me set up with the Revolver X2

Sean: We will get this rocking and rolling. I'll place this directly with BakFlip.