FAQ — GMC Sierra Crew Cab


How to Order the Correct WeatherTech Floor Mats for a 2018 GMC Sierra

GMC Owner: I wanted to ask about floor mats. Do you guys carry the factory type, heavy duty floor mats? Or WeatherTech? Or, what?

Paul: We do carry WeatherTech.

GMC Owner: I was looking on your website, and it only goes up to 2016. Can you help me order the right ones for my truck?

Paul: Absolutely. What kind of truck do you have? 

GMC Owner: 2018 GMC Sierra crew cab.

Paul: Do you have a console? All the way to the dash?

GMC Owner: Yeah, it's all the way to the dash.

Paul: Okay. And then no manual 4 X 4 on the floor, right?

GMC Owner: Nope. No manual 4X4

Paul: Okay. You want first row, second row, or both? 

GMC Owner: First and second row, please. 

Paul: Okay, do you need full coverage? It's looks like there's full coverage, and then there is just floor mats for the floor. So do you want it to go up underneath the seats as well?

GMC Owner: Probably not.

Paul: Okay. And, I assume black?

GMC Owner: No, actually it's cocoa and sand interior. Sort of a tan, yeah.

Paul: I have cocoa, and I have tan.

GMC Owner: Let's go with the cocoa ... That's what the carpet mats that came in it are; dark brown. What's the difference in the ones that go up under the backseat?

Paul: There's only a difference of roughly $10 or so if you want the ones that go up under the backseat.

GMC Owner: Yeah, I would opt for them for an additional $10 then. Let's go ahead and place the order. Thanks again Paul!