FAQ — 2018 GMC


How Heavy are the Flips in the Tri-Fold of the BAKFlip MX4?

GMC Owner: I saw your advertisement on the Internet and I got a price quote. I'm looking for a bed cover for my wife's pickup and I was wondering if you can help me out.

Peter: Yeah, definitely. What truck is it for?

GMC Owner: It's a 2018 GMC pickup.

Peter: Okay.

GMC Owner: 5'9" or 5'8" bed.

Peter: Okay. The short one. Got It. Was there a particular model you were looking at?

GMC Owner: Well, yeah, I'm looking at two here. The BAKflip MX4 and they're RetraxPRO MX.

Peter: Okay, great. Yeah, the MX4 is my favorite folding cover and the RetraxPRO MX is the best retractable.

GMC Owner: Your pricing is about $300 cheaper than, what I've been seeing elsewhere.

Peter: Yeah. We're known for our pricing here.

GMC Owner: Yeah. Let me ask you about that and that MX4 BAKflip is that, I mean that was pretty sturdy bed cover.

Peter: Absolutely. Yeah. It can hold like 400 pounds on top. It's really heavy-duty.

GMC Owner: Okay, okay. Well, let me ask you a question here on this. I mean because I really like the Retrax, but the price is obviously higher. The only thing I worry about with the BAKflip is my wife being able to flip it. I think she can flip the first one, but then when it comes to the second one. How heavy are those, flips?

Peter: I mean, I honestly, I don't think she'll have a problem. I have many customers who buy these for their wives trucks and never hear about it being an issue. I think she'd be okay with the Retrax, too. Just remember with a short bed that the canister, that the cover retract into is going to take up about 10 inches by 10 inches by the width of the bed.

GMC Owner: Oh, that's right. So, you lose that bed space then.

Peter: Right.

GMC Owner: All right. Okay. Well, that's okay. That's more appealing than to the BAKflip. Okay. Well, Peter, can I call you back here and say in an hour.

Peter: Yeah, no problem.

What's the Best Mat For The Bed of My 2018 GMC Crew Cab?

GMC Owner: Hey. I'm calling you about a couple of items I'm looking to buy for my truck.

Peter: Okay. What are you looking for?

GMC Owner: For the bed mat, there's an impact mat for the 2018 GMC Crew Cab, short bed 5'8".

Peter: Okay. Were you looking at the bed rug?

GMC Owner: Well, when I was looking it was made by Bed Rug but it's an impact mat. It's a mat. It's a rug.

Peter: Right. Okay.

GMC Owner: It covers your tailgate and the bed.

Peter: Do you want the full liner that covers everything or just the bottom of the bed and the tailgate?

GMC Owner: I think just the bottom and the tailgate.

Peter: Okay, got you. Let me see. And you said it's a short bed?

GMC Owner: Yes, 5'8".

Peter: Okay. Let's see. Okay. Yeah, I've got the XLT impact. It covers the bottom of the bed and the tailgate. I've got that with free shipping and no sales tax.

GMC Owner: Okay. My tonneau cover, that BAKFlip is supposed to be here this Thursday. I ordered it here last week and some floor mats, WeatherTech. I got those. They fit great.

Peter: Glad to hear it.

GMC Owner: I've also got a need for mud flaps. WeatherTech No-Drill is what I've been looking at. Go ahead and add those two.

Peter: Okay, give me just a moment. I'm just getting these part numbers in here. So, we've got the WeatherTech mud flaps and the bed rug impact bed liner for the bottom of the bed and the tailgate. You'll get an email confirmation here in just a second, and I'll get these on the way for you.

GMC Owner: All right. One other thing I wanted to ask you about, Peter, if you've got a minute.

Peter: Yeah.

GMC Owner: I didn't see it on your website is under-seat storage or the back seat.

Peter: Okay. So, the Du-Ha is a really popular option. It's a really good product.

GMC Owner: Okay, yeah. I might have to wait on that, but I'd like to have that. I see it on here. Du-Ha.

Peter: Sure. I'll get everything else shipped out. Have a good one.

How Do I Get Expedited Shipping on a BAKFlip G2 for a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500?

GMC Sierra Owner: I'm interested in the BAKflip G2. Can you honor the price you emailed me?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yes. It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, how long does it take to get here?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Oh, five to seven days.

GMC Sierra Owner: I'm leaving to go out of town Friday. It's two weeks and I'd hate to leave it outside.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay. I can do expedited shipping on it. That way it will arrive before Friday

GMC Sierra Owner: Just to confirm, you can send me a BAKflip G2 before Friday? My truck is a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 short bed

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yes. Okay, I'm going to put this in right now so we get it there in time.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, I sure would appreciate it.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yeah, give me just a moment. Okay. Yeah, you're going to receive this probably Wednesday. Or Thursday at the latest. You're all set!

What is the Best Tonneau Cover for a 2018 GMC Sierra with an 18 inch Toolbox?

GMC Sierra Owner: I went online last night to check out tonneau covers, and I'm interested in the Access cover.

Peter: Okay.

GMC Sierra Owner: I'm calling you because you quoted me on a price. I need it for 2018 Sierra or GMC Sierra 1500 and it's a 5'8 bed. I'm getting the toolbox tonneau cover so I have an 18 inch toolbox in there.

Peter: Ok, great. It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax since you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. Now this is an Access cover, right Peter?

Peter: Yes. It's the Access toolbox cover, absolutely.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay and this tonneau cover should fit the truck description that I gave you, correct?

Peter: Yes.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. All good, then I want to go ahead and order that Access Toolbox cover.

Peter: Okay. So I'll get this shipped out today. You should receive it early next week. You're gonna get an email confirmation here in just a second. Have a great day!

How to Order the Correct WeatherTech Floor Mats for a 2018 GMC Sierra

GMC Owner: I wanted to ask about floor mats. Do you guys carry the factory type, heavy duty floor mats? Or WeatherTech? Or, what?

Paul: We do carry WeatherTech.

GMC Owner: I was looking on your website, and it only goes up to 2016. Can you help me order the right ones for my truck?

Paul: Absolutely. What kind of truck do you have? 

GMC Owner: 2018 GMC Sierra crew cab.

Paul: Do you have a console? All the way to the dash?

GMC Owner: Yeah, it's all the way to the dash.

Paul: Okay. And then no manual 4 X 4 on the floor, right?

GMC Owner: Nope. No manual 4X4

Paul: Okay. You want first row, second row, or both? 

GMC Owner: First and second row, please. 

Paul: Okay, do you need full coverage? It's looks like there's full coverage, and then there is just floor mats for the floor. So do you want it to go up underneath the seats as well?

GMC Owner: Probably not.

Paul: Okay. And, I assume black?

GMC Owner: No, actually it's cocoa and sand interior. Sort of a tan, yeah.

Paul: I have cocoa, and I have tan.

GMC Owner: Let's go with the cocoa ... That's what the carpet mats that came in it are; dark brown. What's the difference in the ones that go up under the backseat?

Paul: There's only a difference of roughly $10 or so if you want the ones that go up under the backseat.

GMC Owner: Yeah, I would opt for them for an additional $10 then. Let's go ahead and place the order. Thanks again Paul!

Best Tonneau Cover for a 2018 GMC Crew Cab Short Bed: BAKFlip MX4 vs G2

GMC Owner: I just bought a new truck recently, a 2018 GMC, and I'm looking to get a tonneau cover

Paul: Okay. So it's a 2018 GMC with what size bed?

GMC Owner: Crew cab short bed

Paul: Alright now I recommend the MX4 which is one of the newest ones out

GMC Owner: What's the difference between the MX4 and the G2?

Paul: The G2 is gonna be cheaper, but its panels aren't as thick as the MX4, so the MX4 is a bit more dent resistant. The finish on its shiny instead of the matte black, the tailgate seal is a flap tailgate seal instead of a dual tailgate seal which allows you to open and close your tailgate without having to open up your cover. On the G2 you're gonna have to open up your cover every time you wanna shut that tailgate

GMC Owner: That's a good plus for the MX4. What about the warranty?

Paul: The warranty on the MX is a three year where there's only a two year on the G2.

GMC Owner: Okay, well that pretty much seals the deal. You said it's the matte satin finish instead of shiny?

Paul: Correct. If you have bed roll caps on there it should match those pretty nice.

GMC Owner: I do. Alright and that's free shipping for what I understand right?

Paul: Free shipping and no tax outside of Arizona.

GMC Owner: Good deal. Well can I go ahead and order one?

Paul: Yes, sir