Best Tonneau Cover for a 2018 GMC Crew Cab Short Bed: BAKFlip MX4 vs G2


GMC Owner: I just bought a new truck recently, a 2018 GMC, and I'm looking to get a tonneau cover

Paul: Okay. So it's a 2018 GMC with what size bed?

GMC Owner: Crew cab short bed

Paul: Alright now I recommend the MX4 which is one of the newest ones out

GMC Owner: What's the difference between the MX4 and the G2?

Paul: The G2 is gonna be cheaper, but its panels aren't as thick as the MX4, so the MX4 is a bit more dent resistant. The finish on its shiny instead of the matte black, the tailgate seal is a flap tailgate seal instead of a dual tailgate seal which allows you to open and close your tailgate without having to open up your cover. On the G2 you're gonna have to open up your cover every time you wanna shut that tailgate

GMC Owner: That's a good plus for the MX4. What about the warranty?

Paul: The warranty on the MX is a three year where there's only a two year on the G2.

GMC Owner: Okay, well that pretty much seals the deal. You said it's the matte satin finish instead of shiny?

Paul: Correct. If you have bed roll caps on there it should match those pretty nice.

GMC Owner: I do. Alright and that's free shipping for what I understand right?

Paul: Free shipping and no tax outside of Arizona.

GMC Owner: Good deal. Well can I go ahead and order one?

Paul: Yes, sir

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove