FAQ — 2005 Toyota Tacoma


How Can I Get the Best Price on Raptor Series Running Boards for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma?

Tacoma Owner: I wanted to check to see if you had a part number in stock for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. It's for the part on the side that helps you step into the truck. What do they call those?

Shaun: Are you talking about power steps?

Tacoma Owner: Yeah. Well, I've got a part number for you, can you check to see if you have this or not?

Shaun: Yes, absolutely. What is the part number?

Tacoma Owner: It is RAT-0804-0259B

Shaun: Okay, let me see.

Tacoma Owner: And that's for a running board, running board Raptor series.

Shaun: Okay. I just sent you a price quote. It's also free shipping and no tax outside of Arizona.

Tacoma Owner: Okay, it looks like one of your competitors has it for a little cheaper than that. About $10 less than your quote.

Shaun: No problem! I can match that price.

Tacoma Owner: Okay, if you could update that would be awesome.

Shaun: Sure. All right, and just to confirm, you own a 05 to current Tacoma extended cab?

Tacoma Owner: Yes. That's correct

Shaun: Okay. All right, I will send that link over to you shortly so you can check out!