FAQ — price match


How Can I Get the Best Price on Raptor Series Running Boards for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma?

Tacoma Owner: I wanted to check to see if you had a part number in stock for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. It's for the part on the side that helps you step into the truck. What do they call those?

Shaun: Are you talking about power steps?

Tacoma Owner: Yeah. Well, I've got a part number for you, can you check to see if you have this or not?

Shaun: Yes, absolutely. What is the part number?

Tacoma Owner: It is RAT-0804-0259B

Shaun: Okay, let me see.

Tacoma Owner: And that's for a running board, running board Raptor series.

Shaun: Okay. I just sent you a price quote. It's also free shipping and no tax outside of Arizona.

Tacoma Owner: Okay, it looks like one of your competitors has it for a little cheaper than that. About $10 less than your quote.

Shaun: No problem! I can match that price.

Tacoma Owner: Okay, if you could update that would be awesome.

Shaun: Sure. All right, and just to confirm, you own a 05 to current Tacoma extended cab?

Tacoma Owner: Yes. That's correct

Shaun: Okay. All right, I will send that link over to you shortly so you can check out!

Does the Undercover Armor Flex Have the Rail System on it for a 2018 Toyota Tundra Crew Max With the Short Bed?

Toyota Tundra Owner: My name's Ruben I was calling to get some info on a Tonneau cover.

Shawn: What kind of Tonneau cover you looking at?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I'm looking at the Undercover Armor Flex. Does it have the rail system on it?

Shawn: What kind of truck do you have?

Toyota Tundra Owner: On my truck, it's for a 2018 Tundra Crew Max with the short bed.

Shawn: Those sometimes are a little bit more because of how they have to mount on that rail system. It's an extra kit that goes with it, so let me see what they say here. With deck rail system. You know what? Undercover's actually different, they don't charge you more.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Now do you, what's your sale because I got an email saying that you guys having a sale or something?

Shawn: Yeah the email quote I sent you is actually our new sales price because the prices of everything went up April first, but it's still lower than full retail.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Do you guys match prices, do you have it in stock and do you match prices? Or beat prices?

Shawn: Yes we can typically price match if you can show me proof of pricing elsewhere. But generally we are the lowest you will find.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Oh. Alright man, thank you for your time. I'm going to keep looking around, but I'll probably call you back if you have the lowest prices.

Shawn: You got it, have a good day my friend.