FAQ — Power Steps


How Can I Get the Best Price on Raptor Series Running Boards for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma?

Tacoma Owner: I wanted to check to see if you had a part number in stock for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. It's for the part on the side that helps you step into the truck. What do they call those?

Shaun: Are you talking about power steps?

Tacoma Owner: Yeah. Well, I've got a part number for you, can you check to see if you have this or not?

Shaun: Yes, absolutely. What is the part number?

Tacoma Owner: It is RAT-0804-0259B

Shaun: Okay, let me see.

Tacoma Owner: And that's for a running board, running board Raptor series.

Shaun: Okay. I just sent you a price quote. It's also free shipping and no tax outside of Arizona.

Tacoma Owner: Okay, it looks like one of your competitors has it for a little cheaper than that. About $10 less than your quote.

Shaun: No problem! I can match that price.

Tacoma Owner: Okay, if you could update that would be awesome.

Shaun: Sure. All right, and just to confirm, you own a 05 to current Tacoma extended cab?

Tacoma Owner: Yes. That's correct

Shaun: Okay. All right, I will send that link over to you shortly so you can check out!

How Can I Get a Price Quote on SideSteps for my Chevy Silverado?

Chevy Owner: I received an email that asked a question about my Chevy Silverado pickup truck. I think we're talking about the side steps for it.

Peter: Okay, I would be happy to help.

Chevy Owner: I have the nerf bars on here, which fit fine, but they're really close to the body of the truck, and my wife is having difficult stepping on those to get into the truck.

Peter: Okay.

Chevy Owner: I was wondering, the ones that we were looking at, they looked like they are down a little bit lower and stick out a little bit more.

Peter: Do you know the make and the manufacturer?

Chevy Owner: I don't remember at this point, I just need the ones that are wider steps. They're four inches wide. And, they come down a little bit lower. 

Peter: I'd need the part number or at least the name of the ones that you're looking at.

Chevy Owner: Okay, well, I'll get back to you when I get a part number for it. I'll look at your email again and read it again and see if we have a part number on that.

Peter: Okay. Or even if you can just find the name of the ones you like I can pull up the part number and get you an accurate quote. 

Chevy Owner: So, all right. I'll get back to you.