FAQ — Truck Steps


Where Can I Get the Best Deal on AMP Research Powersteps Xtreme for a 2019 Ford F350?

F-350 Owner: I got a quote on some AMP Research Powersteps and I want to order them, please. You guys have the best deal on the Powersteps I've seen compared to anywhere else. 

Shawn: Beautiful, give me one second here. Those have been a little popular today. What kind of truck do you have?

F-350 Owner: It's a 2019 Ford F350, super cab, eight foot bed.

Shawn: Alright, and which ones were you looking at? The Plug-and-Play?

F-350 Owner: It's the Powerstep Xtreme. I've even got a part number for it. Somewhere I have the part number for it. 78235-01A. Is that what you've got?

Shawn: That is what I show.

F-350 Owner: Okay, and then I'm also considering an OBD2 splitter for that which is a 76404-01A.

Shawn: And then the steps. Here I got the price on those, those are the Xtremes, I am going to honest with you I'm looking at my supplier and they don't have them. But, I just got off the phone with AMP today, and there should be another shipment going to them this week yet, so I assume that since they're not showing stock that they should be on order at least.

F-350 Owner: I'm not in a hurry. I don't mind putting them on backorder. 

Shawn: So that's the steps, that's the OBD connector, was there anything else that you were looking for?

F-350 Owner: Nope. Just the steps and the OBD connector. 

Shawn: Okay. I'll get those on order and chances are you're going to see that ODB connector a week and a half before you see your steps. But, they'll both be on their way.

Are the AMP PowerSteps for a 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 Easy to Install?

Dodge Ram Owner: Good. We emailed a while back on some side steps, the AMP PowerSteps for a 2018 Dodge.

Peter: Okay. Gotcha. Was it a Ram 1500?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a 3500. The quad cab. You had sent me a quote out but then sent me a follow-up email that said the quote would expire.

Peter: Okay. We've maintained the same price on these for a while now, so I can still honor that. It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

Dodge Ram Owner: Perfect. That'll work great! Do you want me to just call you and give you a card number or order online?

Peter: It's up to you. I can either email you a link to check out online at your convenience or you can call in with a card. It's up to you.

Dodge Ram Owner: What's your shipping time on those power steps?

Peter: It's quick. We stock them. You'd receive them like two or three days at the most from when you ordered them.

Dodge Ram Owner: Are they tough to put on?

Peter: No. They're the plug and play so it's pretty straightforward.

Dodge Ram Owner: Basically one cable goes into the cab and plugs right into the OBD-II port?

Peter: Exactly.

Dodge Ram Owner: Got it. Sounds good. Okay, sounds good. I'll give you a call probably a little bit later today.

Peter: Okay, sounds good.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. Push me that link again would you? Just in case I don't get a chance to do it until tomorrow and I can get it ordered online.

Peter: Okay. I will shoot this over in the next couple of minutes.

Dodge Ram Owner: I appreciate you. Thank you.

How Can I Get a Price Quote on SideSteps for my Chevy Silverado?

Chevy Owner: I received an email that asked a question about my Chevy Silverado pickup truck. I think we're talking about the side steps for it.

Peter: Okay, I would be happy to help.

Chevy Owner: I have the nerf bars on here, which fit fine, but they're really close to the body of the truck, and my wife is having difficult stepping on those to get into the truck.

Peter: Okay.

Chevy Owner: I was wondering, the ones that we were looking at, they looked like they are down a little bit lower and stick out a little bit more.

Peter: Do you know the make and the manufacturer?

Chevy Owner: I don't remember at this point, I just need the ones that are wider steps. They're four inches wide. And, they come down a little bit lower. 

Peter: I'd need the part number or at least the name of the ones that you're looking at.

Chevy Owner: Okay, well, I'll get back to you when I get a part number for it. I'll look at your email again and read it again and see if we have a part number on that.

Peter: Okay. Or even if you can just find the name of the ones you like I can pull up the part number and get you an accurate quote. 

Chevy Owner: So, all right. I'll get back to you.