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How Can I get the Best Price on Other Truck Accessories?

F250 Owner: What else do you all sell? Is it just Tonneau Covers? How can I get the best price on other truck accessories?

Peter: We pretty much have anything you need for your truck. We don't advertise everything on our site, but we have everything most of our competitors have. So what I recommend is that if you're looking for other stuff, you can Google it and grab a part number and I'll beat any price elsewhere.

F250 Owner: What about swing boxes? Do you know off the top of your head?

Peter: Yeah, we sell the Undercover swing boxes.

F250 Owner: Do you have the drill-less one for a 2017 Ford F250?

Peter: I don't think we have drill-less ones, unless you are aware of some and you have a part number. I could check on that for you.

F250 Owner: I have to look it up. They're the ones for the '17s, you take the tail light off and then they bolt through, because it's an aluminum truck bed.

Peter: Right.

F250 Owner: So you don't have to drill any holes. The self tapping screws I guess that they install the other ones with.

Peter: Right.

F250 Owner: I'll have to look it up and give you a call back I guess.

Peter: Yeah, just let me know. Like I said, I probably carry it and I'll get you a good deal.

What is The Best Retractable Cover Out There?

F250 Owner: I'm calling about a tonneau cover for a 2017 Ford F250 with the short bed.

Peter: Which cover were you looking at?

F250 Owner: The Retrax Pro MX, but what other brands do you guys sell?

Peter: We sell pretty much all of the major Tonneau brands, BAK, Undercover, Extang, Truxedo, Roll-N-Lock. Pretty much all of them. There are a few we don't, we don't sell Gator.

F250 Owner: They don't seem that great anyway.

Peter: Yeah. That's about it, we sell pretty much all the big ones.

F250 Owner: So in your opinion, what is the best retractable cover out there?

Peter: We're talking about it right now. It's the Retrax Pro MX. Yeah, it's the only one I know with a lifetime warranty, too.

F250 Owner: Is that through the manufacturer or how does that work?

Peter: It is, yeah. And they cover pretty much everything. I mean they want to keep you a customer for life. So I mean, shorter view, jumping up and down on it and they'll pretty much cover everything.

F250 Owner: Okay. If and when the time comes, I'll definitely be giving you a call.

Peter: Sounds good.

What Cover is Comparable to the Discontinued BAK RollBAK for a 2013 Ford F150?

F150 Owner: I'm looking for a locking mechanism for a BAK retractable bed cover. The stock number was R15309. I've called BAK and they no longer make that bed cover, so they don't have any parts in stock. I'm just looking for something. What's happened is, I've got one of the latches on the bed cover that has become inoperable so I need to replace that whole system in there.

Shawn: Okay. It looks like, if they don't have anything, I'm not going to be able to get anything either because I just sell their parts and I get stuff from them.

F150 Owner: I don't even have a part number. I don't have the manual and stuff for the cover so...

Shawn: Yeah, and I'm looking. Let me see here, so it's a BAK...

F150 Owner: It's a retractable, and I was told that there's a solid piece that runs- I've not been underneath the cover, or haven't folded it up to look at it- but I know that there's a little plastic hook exert that comes out of the side of the cover on each side and one of them is not there. And I don't know whether it's hung up in there or whether it's broken off. I think it's hung up in there.

Shawn: Okay.

F150 Owner: And I don't know whether that can be taken apart and fixed or not. I've got the model number.

Shawn: Okay, what's that model number?

F150 Owner: R15309.

Shawn: So the RollBAK...

F150 Owner: It's a RollBak retractable cover, aluminum cover, I think. Yeah, they used aluminum cover, yeah. I thought maybe they still make those covers, but they said that they don't make that particular cover. Well that's fine, but the locking system should be the same on all units, I would think, unless they had a problem with that particular one and they've just discontinued using that unit.

Shawn: Yeah, the cover that they have on it now is totally updated with new parts.

F150 Owner: What is the name of the new cover they've got out now?

Shawn: It's called the "Vortrak."

F150 Owner: Okay. I'm just wondering, but is its spring retractable like the other unit was?

Shawn: I'm looking here... let's see...

F150 Owner: You know, if we could get ahold of a manual for the other unit and look at the manual on this one, and see if the latching system would be identical then it should fit.

Shawn: I'm looking now here...

F150 Owner: I've talked to a couple of local truck accessory places, and they told me that they discontinued using BAK because they had so much trouble with it, so maybe they don't have a good track record.

Shawn: Yeah, I've not heard of a whole lot of issues with them.

F150 Owner: You guys probably handle more than the two local dealers here.

Shawn: Right. Yeah I'm looking here, and the latching mechanism's just totally different between the Vortrak and the RollBAK, unfortunately. Got an installation guide here. Honestly, this isn't the best option, but I could sell you a Vortrak since it's a comparable cover. But I don't know if that's what you're looking to do today.

F150 Owner: Well, I'd like to get the one I've got repaired if I can.

Shawn: Right. Yeah, and I'd love for you to do that too, man, but if you've already talked to them, and I'm sitting here looking, I can't find anything at my supplier's for that part number. I've looked, and they've got some of the roll-back covers but they don't have any parts, and they don't even have that model number either.

F150 Owner: What would a Vortrak unit cost me from you guys?

Shawn: What kind of truck is it?

F150 Owner: It's an F150, 2013. four-door with a 5'6 bed.

Shawn: Okay. I just sent you a quote via email, and I included a discount. 

F150 Owner: Okay. Well, let me think about this. I'll take a look and call you back. Thanks for your help

F150 Owner: Okay. You're welcome.

What's the Difference Between the Revolver X2 and X4 for a 2018 Ford F150 SOP SuperCrew?

F150 Owner: You sent me an email and said that you have a good price on a tonneau cover for me, so I thought well let's take a look.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay what truck is it for?

F150 Owner: It's a 2018 Ford F150 SOP SuperCrew.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay, and which cover are you looking at?

F150 Owner: The Revolver X2 I think it was. I'm kind of torn between the X4 and the X2.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay. The X4 is only $20 more. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F150 Owner: Okay. What's the difference between the X2 and X4?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Just the finish on top. The X2 is shiny . The X4 is a matte, black finish on top.

F150 Owner: So the X2 it kind has a soft, leathery look?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right.

F150 Owner: Okay. Is the X4 soft or is it a hard?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yeah, it's soft. I mean it's got the aluminum slating underneath, but it's soft on the top. It's just more of a dull, matte black.

F150 Owner: Oh, but other than that they're pretty much the same huh?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right.

F150 Owner: Okay. But one's not going to hold up better than the other?

Tonneau Covered Agent: No, they're going to hold up the same.

F150 Owner: Okay. Yeah, I'd kind of looked at both of the covers. Alright, cool. I'm just going to think about it a little longer.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay. No problem.

Where Can I Find Bundled Pricing Discounts on Accessories for My 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat?

Tim: I'm looking to purchase a tonneau cover. And I had called for a quote and you had sent a quote back. And you had just sent me an email here yesterday and I'm just following up.

Peter: Okay, what truck is it for?

Tim: It is for a 2016 Ford 250 Super Duty Lariat. And I was leaning on the TruXedo Lo Pro.

Peter: And what's the bed length?

Tim: It should be that, what 6 foot 8.

Peter: Okay, gotcha. It's free shipping and no sales tax.

Tim: Boy, that's a deal and then a deal! What else are you guys selling there? It said that you had all kinds of products. 

Peter: Yeah, we have a variety of accessories available for your truck. We don't advertise everything on our site, but even if you were on a different website, just grab a part number, let me know, I'll beat their price anyway. I'll get you a good deal.

Tim: Cause what I was looking for is a gooseneck hatch. Part number 60683. Can you do bundled pricing discounts?

Peter: Yup, we've got that part here. And I'm sure we can work something out. 

Tim: Okay, I'll keep that in mind. I'll keep you guys in mind the next time I'm looking for stuff for my truck. I'll just stick with the cover for now.

Peter: Okay, yeah, all right, let me know. I'll get the cover shipped out right away.

What's the Difference Between the Retrax PRO XR and MX for a 2019 Ford F-150?

Ford F-150 Owner: I've got some kind of special requirements that I need to throw out on the table then you can tell me what your recommendation would be. First off, I have a 2019 Ford F-150.

Sean: Okay.

Ford F-150 Owner: Secondly, it's a SuperCrew, and what it's going to be used as is primarily as a tow vehicle for a 23 and a half foot, double whole trailer. Each summer I drag it around chasing all the paragliding competitions, so 13,000 miles every summer. Get where I'm going, drag the trailer up, literally 6,000 feet to where it's cool. I park the trailer with other people and then I use my truck since, it's a four-wheel drive, to carry typically seven pilots total, myself included. To do that we found that if I put all their wings in the cab that I can then pack them into cube space pretty well and get them there. So that means I get two up front, I got to put five in the bed. I have a five and a half foot bed.

Sean: So you want to know, I spoke to you before, right? And you want to know if people could sit on the cover? 

Ford F-150 Owner: That's it. Yes. Yes sir. I need something that can hold a decent amount of weight.

Sean: We originally spoke about a rolling cover and you said you can't do that because it'll take up about a foot of your bed space.

Ford F-150 Owner: Well, after talking to you earlier now I'm thinking that a roll-up that rolls in a circle in a box against the window would probably be my best bet. So that I can have three people sit on that. And then two into the bed. So since we talked last I've kind of come to the conclusion, well I can't really have my cake and eat it too. I've got to give up somewhere to get that bench seat. 

Sean: Okay. Well, I will say then that if you're okay with a canister type deal, the Retrax is probably the best way to go. I mean its weight rated at 500 pounds evenly distributed on the cover. So I imagine if it's rolled up, it should hold at least that cause there aren't any springs or, moving pieces in a box that you have to worry about. It's all ball bearings. Or if you wanted to do something even more up your alley, they have their RetraxPRO XR which is the same as the MX, same finish, everything like that. But it's another hundred dollars. The difference is it has a T-slot where you can put ladder racks or kayak racks or anything your heart desires. And right now they're actually doing a promotion where if you buy that cover they give you a set of Yakima JetStream load bars for free. So essentially you can have your cover open and still have things on top of the load bars as well, which are movable. 

Ford F-150 Owner: Yeah. Wow. I'll have to look at that. So, the XR and the MX, other than the T-racks, is the cover on the roll up canister effectively the same? Or is it reinforced heavier?

Sean: Yes, they're exactly the same. The only difference between the XR and the MX is just a T-slot rails. So the cover is the exact same cover. They do make a retracted one, which is polycarbonate, but that cover only holds up to 200 pounds, so I don't know if that would be the one that I would have people sit on.

Ford F-150 Owner: What is the depth? Four and a half?

Sean: 14 inches.

Ford F-150 Owner: That's perfect. Sounds good, man. I appreciate it. I think that you gave me good advice and it took me a while to do a whole bunch of research and I really wasn't looking at this one, but the 500 pounds sitting on the lid I think is important and it works better for me.

Sean: With a lifetime warranty too, so keep that in mind as well.

Ford F-150: Oh, really? That's really good. All right, thank you so much and I'll holler back at you.

Sean: You got it.