FAQ — 2017 Ford F250


How Can I get the Best Price on Other Truck Accessories?

F250 Owner: What else do you all sell? Is it just Tonneau Covers? How can I get the best price on other truck accessories?

Peter: We pretty much have anything you need for your truck. We don't advertise everything on our site, but we have everything most of our competitors have. So what I recommend is that if you're looking for other stuff, you can Google it and grab a part number and I'll beat any price elsewhere.

F250 Owner: What about swing boxes? Do you know off the top of your head?

Peter: Yeah, we sell the Undercover swing boxes.

F250 Owner: Do you have the drill-less one for a 2017 Ford F250?

Peter: I don't think we have drill-less ones, unless you are aware of some and you have a part number. I could check on that for you.

F250 Owner: I have to look it up. They're the ones for the '17s, you take the tail light off and then they bolt through, because it's an aluminum truck bed.

Peter: Right.

F250 Owner: So you don't have to drill any holes. The self tapping screws I guess that they install the other ones with.

Peter: Right.

F250 Owner: I'll have to look it up and give you a call back I guess.

Peter: Yeah, just let me know. Like I said, I probably carry it and I'll get you a good deal.

What is The Best Retractable Cover Out There?

F250 Owner: I'm calling about a tonneau cover for a 2017 Ford F250 with the short bed.

Peter: Which cover were you looking at?

F250 Owner: The Retrax Pro MX, but what other brands do you guys sell?

Peter: We sell pretty much all of the major Tonneau brands, BAK, Undercover, Extang, Truxedo, Roll-N-Lock. Pretty much all of them. There are a few we don't, we don't sell Gator.

F250 Owner: They don't seem that great anyway.

Peter: Yeah. That's about it, we sell pretty much all the big ones.

F250 Owner: So in your opinion, what is the best retractable cover out there?

Peter: We're talking about it right now. It's the Retrax Pro MX. Yeah, it's the only one I know with a lifetime warranty, too.

F250 Owner: Is that through the manufacturer or how does that work?

Peter: It is, yeah. And they cover pretty much everything. I mean they want to keep you a customer for life. So I mean, shorter view, jumping up and down on it and they'll pretty much cover everything.

F250 Owner: Okay. If and when the time comes, I'll definitely be giving you a call.

Peter: Sounds good.