FAQ — BAK Revolver


Where Can I Find Bundled Pricing for a BAK Revolver X4 and a BAK Box for a 2019 GMC Sierra?

GMC Sierra Owner: I have a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 with a short bed, and I'm interested in the BAK Revolver X4

Shawn: Okay, and the new body style?

GMC Sierra Owner: Yes, it's the new body style. I received an email quote from you.

Shawn: Okay, well actually they had a price increase so we are selling them for more than what we quoted you, but you must've got one of the older emails, one of the old email blasts so I can definitely still honor that lowest price.

GMC Sierra Owner: Alright. Okay. On that, question for it then I guess part number 92120 it's the BAK Box. Can you offer any bundled pricing discounts for the BAK Revolver X4 and the BAK Box?

Shawn: I can do that. Plus free shipping and no tax since you're outside of Arizona.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, that's fine. Let's go with that. How's it shipped? What shipping service do you use? Is it UPS or FedEx or is it just ground?

Shawn: FedEx and it'll go ground.

GMC Sierra Owner: All right. I just got a confirmation email.

Shawn: Okay cool. Allow 5-7 days for shipping and you're all set!

How Does the BAK Revolver X4 Roll Up on a 2018 Chevy Silverado?

Silverado Owner: I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado and I had a question on the BAK Revolver X4 cover. Does that roll up? 

Peter: Yes, it does. 

Silverado Owner: Where does it go when it rolls up?

Peter: It rolls up on top. Think of it like your traditional soft roll-up cover. It rolls like that. But it's hard with aluminum underneath. And it rolls right up like on top of the bed rails and then when it's open it sits, that roll sits behind the cab.

Silverado Owner: Ooh. How big is that roll when its all balled up like that?

Peter: It's about seven inches or so.

Silverado Owner: Okay. How much weight will it support? You know like things sitting on it when it's out and closed.

Peter: I believe 200 pounds for this one.

Silverado Owner: Alright, I'm gonna have to investigate some different covers a little bit more.

Peter: Okay. No problem. 

What's the Difference Between BAK and Undercover Tonneau Covers?

GMC Sierra Owner: What's the main difference between the BAK and Undercover tonneau covers?

Peter: Undercover and BAK are actually sister companies, so the products are almost identical; they're very similar.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. The Undercover Armor Flex, for example. What does that consist of? Is that a three panel?

Peter: It is.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay and that Armor Flex folds back three times?

Peter: Yes.

GMC Sierra Owner: Versus the BAKflip what are the pros and cons to one or the other?

Peter: Armor Flex has the best warranty of five years.

GMC Sierra Owner: And then what would be the price difference?

Peter: The Bakflip MX4 is going to be slightly cheaper.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. You said MX4, okay. It looks like here there's also a BAK Revolver X2. What is that? 

Peter: Yes, that's the hard roll up cover.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. So you're saying out of all these you say the Undercover is probably the best?

Peter: Yeah.

GMC Sierra Owner: With the roll up one, is it still a hard cover?

Peter: Yeah, it's aluminum underneath, there's vinyl on top.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. Okay, cool. And I see Undercover Ultra Flex.

Peter: That's the same as the Armor Flex but it doesn't have the LINE-X coating on top.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, I got you. Cool. Well I guess I'll need some more research and figure it out. What would be a timeline as far as how long it takes to get here?

Peter: Three to five days.

GMC Sierra Owner: Cool. What if I can't figure out installation? How would you recommend going about that?

Peter: You'd have to take it to a shop, but I really don't think you're going to have an issue with that.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. Okay, cool. Alright sir, well let me figure out which tonneau cover I want and then I can get back in touch with you guys.

Peter: Okay. Sounds good.

Can I Order Additional Accessories With my BAK Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover?

Peter: So, it looks like you're looking for a tonneau cover for your 2019 Ford F-150 Short Bed.

Ford Owner: Yep. It was actually it was a bulk order we discussed. The first thing was the BAK-Revolver X4.

Peter: Okay. I can do that for the price I emailed you along with free shipping, plus there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona. Are you wanting to place an order right now?

Ford Owner: Well I've got a couple more items too.

Peter: Yes. What were those other truck accessories we talked about?

Ford Owner: BAKBox 2. The next item was the AMP Research BedXTender HD Max. I've got a part number. It's 74813-01A and it's in black. Then for that BedXTender, it was a No-Drill mounting kit. The part number is 10-74602.

Peter: Okay I have all of that on the quote here.

Ford Owner: Does it come with a free tailgate seal kit?

Peter: Yes. I can include the tailgate seal kit in your order.

Ford Owner: Well I want to order today.

Peter: Okay, so you got the Revolver X4, the BAKBox2, the BedXTender, the mounting kit, and the free tailgate seal. Allow about five to seven days for delivery.

Ford Owner: Thank you. I do appreciate it Peter.

What Happens if My BAK Revolver X4 Arrives Damaged from Shipping?

2019 Raptor Owner: I'm interested in a BAK Revolver X4 for a 2019 Raptor. I'm a little weary about ordering online or over the phone. You know you never can tell with internet reviews, but I've seen people mention that their tonneau covers have arrived damaged. What's that all about?

Peter: That's very rare. Damaged covers happen about 1% of the time in shipping. It's very rare to receive a damaged cover, but unfortunately it can happen from time to time.

2019 Raptor Owner: Okay. So if I order a tonneau cover it's damaged to I send it back to BAK, to you guys, what happens?

Peter: We take care of it. We'll get Fed-Ex to pick it up and we'll get another cover out to you right away.

2019 Raptor Owner: Cool. The price you emailed me will include the tailgate seal as well?

Peter: Right. I can throw that in there.

2019 Raptor Owner: I didn't see the tailgate seal on the invoice, but I'll assume it's in there

Peter: Yes. I'll make sure it gets sent out, but it comes separately from our office here in Arizona. So the cover and the tailgate seal will most likely arrive at separate times.

2019 Raptor Owner: Okay. Outstanding. About five to seven days and this should be easy to put in, correct?

Peter: Yes, installation is very straightforward.

2019 Raptor Owner: Perfect. I'll go ahead and order through the link you emailed me. Thanks so much!

Peter: You're welcome! Have a good one.