FAQ — 2019 Raptor


What Happens if My BAK Revolver X4 Arrives Damaged from Shipping?

2019 Raptor Owner: I'm interested in a BAK Revolver X4 for a 2019 Raptor. I'm a little weary about ordering online or over the phone. You know you never can tell with internet reviews, but I've seen people mention that their tonneau covers have arrived damaged. What's that all about?

Peter: That's very rare. Damaged covers happen about 1% of the time in shipping. It's very rare to receive a damaged cover, but unfortunately it can happen from time to time.

2019 Raptor Owner: Okay. So if I order a tonneau cover it's damaged to I send it back to BAK, to you guys, what happens?

Peter: We take care of it. We'll get Fed-Ex to pick it up and we'll get another cover out to you right away.

2019 Raptor Owner: Cool. The price you emailed me will include the tailgate seal as well?

Peter: Right. I can throw that in there.

2019 Raptor Owner: I didn't see the tailgate seal on the invoice, but I'll assume it's in there

Peter: Yes. I'll make sure it gets sent out, but it comes separately from our office here in Arizona. So the cover and the tailgate seal will most likely arrive at separate times.

2019 Raptor Owner: Okay. Outstanding. About five to seven days and this should be easy to put in, correct?

Peter: Yes, installation is very straightforward.

2019 Raptor Owner: Perfect. I'll go ahead and order through the link you emailed me. Thanks so much!

Peter: You're welcome! Have a good one.