FAQ — tonneau cover damage


What's The Best Way to Field Destroy a Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau Covered Customer: Hey I got your email. Do I just need to respond to it that with that photo of the damaged cover you requested? Am I going to get a new tonneau cover?

Sean: Yup. Just shoot me back an e-mail with the photo and with the serial number. The serial number will be on the box. It will also be on the third to the last panel. On the bottom side. I'll get it over to the manufacturer so they can ship out a new one. 

Tonneau Covered Customer: I'll go get a picture of that serial number and... Serial number, photo, anything else? You want an address, telephone number, and a cellphone number right?

Sean: Yup. Telephone number and if you want to put in your ship-to address that would great too so it's all right there.

Tonneau Covered Customer: So they pick up the old one and is that how that works? Or do I have to drop it off somewhere?

Sean: Well, generally what we'll actually do, because chances of getting that thing all the way back to them in decent enough condition to salvage it is slim to none so we'll just probably have you field destroy it. I don't know. I've seen people do, as much as a saw bow or even a shotgun. It's out of circulation, they don't care exactly what you do with it.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Oh no, I see. I should just saw it in half and take a photo of it?

Sean: Yeah.

Tonneau Covered Customer: All right, I'll get you those pictures over to you right now.

How Can I Get a Replacement Tonneau Cover if Mine Arrives Damaged?

Tonneau Covered Customer: Yeah, well, I got a damaged tonneau cover. Actually, the old man bought it for me for a present.

Sean: Oh, you know what? I was just going to call you. Your dad gave me your number, but I got a bunch of phone calls back to back. I shot you an email. Is there any way you can respond to that with some of the photos of what you're dealing with?

Tonneau Covered Customer: Yeah. I grabbed a photo of it, and I can send it over to you right when I get off the phone with you.

Sean: Cool. Sorry about that, man.

Tonneau Covered Customer: It's not your fault. It's no one's fault. I think it happened at the factory. I mean, the box is perfect. I mean, nothing's wrong with it. Everything else looks good. It's the feel around the hole outside, and it's glued on the corners. I mean, I wish it was something where I could just replace a seal. But I don't know, man.

Sean: They are replaceable, but it is kind of a chore. So we usually give people the option. If you want to replace it, you can replace it. But if it's bad, we'll have the whole cover replaced. And they're really good about that doing that. I used to actually work for them for like a decade, man, so I've got some good friends out there. So we'll get you taken care of.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Yeah, I mean, you know what, we'll get another one. And if that one's got something wrong with it, then I'll replace it. But let's try to get a new one. I'll send you over the photo right now.

Sean: Okay.

Sean: All right, man, yeah, just respond to that, and I'll send it directly to James. I'll have you cc-ed so you'll be there the whole process.

Tonneau Covered Customer: All right, thank you, sir.

What Happens if My BAK Revolver X4 Arrives Damaged from Shipping?

2019 Raptor Owner: I'm interested in a BAK Revolver X4 for a 2019 Raptor. I'm a little weary about ordering online or over the phone. You know you never can tell with internet reviews, but I've seen people mention that their tonneau covers have arrived damaged. What's that all about?

Peter: That's very rare. Damaged covers happen about 1% of the time in shipping. It's very rare to receive a damaged cover, but unfortunately it can happen from time to time.

2019 Raptor Owner: Okay. So if I order a tonneau cover it's damaged to I send it back to BAK, to you guys, what happens?

Peter: We take care of it. We'll get Fed-Ex to pick it up and we'll get another cover out to you right away.

2019 Raptor Owner: Cool. The price you emailed me will include the tailgate seal as well?

Peter: Right. I can throw that in there.

2019 Raptor Owner: I didn't see the tailgate seal on the invoice, but I'll assume it's in there

Peter: Yes. I'll make sure it gets sent out, but it comes separately from our office here in Arizona. So the cover and the tailgate seal will most likely arrive at separate times.

2019 Raptor Owner: Okay. Outstanding. About five to seven days and this should be easy to put in, correct?

Peter: Yes, installation is very straightforward.

2019 Raptor Owner: Perfect. I'll go ahead and order through the link you emailed me. Thanks so much!

Peter: You're welcome! Have a good one.