What's The Best Way to Field Destroy a Tonneau Cover?


Tonneau Covered Customer: Hey I got your email. Do I just need to respond to it that with that photo of the damaged cover you requested? Am I going to get a new tonneau cover?

Sean: Yup. Just shoot me back an e-mail with the photo and with the serial number. The serial number will be on the box. It will also be on the third to the last panel. On the bottom side. I'll get it over to the manufacturer so they can ship out a new one. 

Tonneau Covered Customer: I'll go get a picture of that serial number and... Serial number, photo, anything else? You want an address, telephone number, and a cellphone number right?

Sean: Yup. Telephone number and if you want to put in your ship-to address that would great too so it's all right there.

Tonneau Covered Customer: So they pick up the old one and is that how that works? Or do I have to drop it off somewhere?

Sean: Well, generally what we'll actually do, because chances of getting that thing all the way back to them in decent enough condition to salvage it is slim to none so we'll just probably have you field destroy it. I don't know. I've seen people do, as much as a saw bow or even a shotgun. It's out of circulation, they don't care exactly what you do with it.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Oh no, I see. I should just saw it in half and take a photo of it?

Sean: Yeah.

Tonneau Covered Customer: All right, I'll get you those pictures over to you right now.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove