FAQ — BAKFlip Models


Where Can I Get The Best Price on a BAKFlip MX4 for a 2016 Chevy Silverado?

Silverado Owner: I'd like to buy a tonneau cover for my truck.

Peter: Okay. I can get you going here. What truck is it for?

Silverado Owner: It's for a 2016 Chevy Silverado crew cab with the short bed, so like the 5-8 bed.

Peter: What cover were we talking about?

Silverado Owner: I want the BAKFlip MX4. You emailed me a price quote and I have to say that it's the best price I've ever seen on the MX4.

Peter: Got it. Yes, our prices are pretty competitive.

Silverado Owner: The MX4 is the one that's got a matte finish on it, right?

Peter: That's right. So '16 Silverado short bed. Got it. I'm just getting you set up for shipping now.

Silverado Owner: How long for shipping on that cover?

Peter: Allow 5-7 days for delivery. Other than that you're all set.

Silverado Owner: Awesome. Thank you, man. I appreciate it. Great price on that again.

Peter: No problem. Have a great day!

How Durable is the BAKFlip F1 Rolling Tonneau Cover for a 2015 Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I sent you a request for the Bakflip F1 tonneau cover and you sent me an email.

Peter: Did you want to place an order?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yeah, I'm thinking about it. So, it's got the three year warranty, so it's all by the BAK manufacturer, you're an authorized dealer, right?

Peter: Absolutely, we actually work directly with the manufacturer.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. So, I guess if I ordered it today when would I expect to see it?

Peter: About five to seven days, so be on the safe side. It could be sooner, but that's average.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Are you able to honor the quoted price with the free shipping?

Peter: That's right.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. And so that's the most heavy duty, top of the line BAKFlip model they have?

Peter: Yes, BAK makes very high quality tonneau covers.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. Have you seen or handled that roll up version? I'm a little concerned about that. About it not lasting as long.

Peter: I like the hard folding covers quote a bit. What truck is it for?

Toyota Tundra Owner: It's a 2015 Toyota Tundra. I have a question. So I have the bed tie-downs that run down the side of the truck. But the adapters that came with the last cover I owned weren't good. If I hooked anything up to their tie-downs it would just bend out because they're just like flat pieces of eighth inch steel or something like that. Did I notice that in the picture it's the same part that sort of clamps onto the truck is what holds those rails now in this system?

Peter: Yeah, but you're not going to have an issue there.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay, so I could strap something to it, it's not going to bend in towards the truck?

Peter: Yeah, that will be just fine. What's the bed length of your truck?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Six foot seven inches.

**Transaction Completed**

Peter: Okay. All right, you're going to get a confirmation email for your purchase here in just a second and you're all set.

Toyota Tundra Owner: All right, cool man. I look forward to it. Thanks a lot.