FAQ — Tonneau Cover Order


Where Can I Find Shipping Information Regarding My Tonneau Cover Order?

Dodge Ram Owner: Hey, I'm calling about my order. Do you by chance know if the tonneau cover has been shipped yet?

Shawn: Yeah, it should have been shipped yesterday.

Dodge Ram Owner: Troy called me but he didn't give me a tracking number. I'm trying to get an idea where it is.

Shawn: What did Troy say?

Dodge Ram Owner: He's sending just the cover out. He said they're making it, and they're sending it all right away or something like that.

Shawn: I haven't heard from them yet as far as tracking so I'm sending them a email right now.

Dodge Ram Owner: I just left a message. But they're sending one out. Hey, I've got a question.

Shawn: What's up?

Dodge Ram Owner: He did say to get rid of the other one that was sent to me. It's 58 1/2 inches, are there beds that size?

Shawn: What kind of truck do you have again?

Dodge Ram Owner: Mine's the Dodge. It's the Ram.

Shawn: Oh, no. There's not going to be anything like that. A full size truck with a bed that short, no.

Dodge Ram Owner: I was just wondering. I don't think anybody would buy it because it's kind of short, and it doesn't have the rails and the front piece.

Dodge Ram Owner: Here's my next question. Do they sell rails and that cover for that? Can you buy rails separately?

Shawn: Yeah, you can buy rails separately.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay, can you do me a favor? When he gets back to you, can you email me, let me know where it's at and what's going on?

Shawn: Absolutely.

Dodge Ram Owner: All right. Thank you.