FAQ — 2019 Ford F-150


Can I Order Additional Accessories With my BAK Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover?

Peter: So, it looks like you're looking for a tonneau cover for your 2019 Ford F-150 Short Bed.

Ford Owner: Yep. It was actually it was a bulk order we discussed. The first thing was the BAK-Revolver X4.

Peter: Okay. I can do that for the price I emailed you along with free shipping, plus there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona. Are you wanting to place an order right now?

Ford Owner: Well I've got a couple more items too.

Peter: Yes. What were those other truck accessories we talked about?

Ford Owner: BAKBox 2. The next item was the AMP Research BedXTender HD Max. I've got a part number. It's 74813-01A and it's in black. Then for that BedXTender, it was a No-Drill mounting kit. The part number is 10-74602.

Peter: Okay I have all of that on the quote here.

Ford Owner: Does it come with a free tailgate seal kit?

Peter: Yes. I can include the tailgate seal kit in your order.

Ford Owner: Well I want to order today.

Peter: Okay, so you got the Revolver X4, the BAKBox2, the BedXTender, the mounting kit, and the free tailgate seal. Allow about five to seven days for delivery.

Ford Owner: Thank you. I do appreciate it Peter.

How Do I Confirm That I Received The Correct Part Number For an Extang Solid Fold 2.0 for a 2019 Ford F-150?

Tonneau Covered Customer: You sent me a Tonneau Cover last week. But unfortunately I think it's the wrong one. Can you help me confirm the part number?

Peter: It was an Extang Solid Fold 2.0, correct?

Tonneau Covered Customer: Correct. . It was an Extang Solid Fold 2.0 for a 2019 Ford F-150 with a six and a half foot bed.

Peter: Okay. Let me double check here.

Tonneau Covered Customer: I went up and looked at Extang's website and it's something like 83418 but they sent me a 84418.

Peter: So the part number should actually be 84480.

Tonneau Covered Customer: I looked on their website and I think it's supposed to be 83480, because the one that they sent me is for a toolbox. So it's only like five foot three, something like that.

Peter: Oh, I see. It was a toolbox Tonneau but you don't have a toolbox, that's what you're saying?

Tonneau Covered Customer: Correct. I do not have a toolbox

Peter: Okay. Customer service will be in in about an hour. We're going to get this swapped out for you, obviously for free. This is our mistake and we're going to get the correct one on the way and we're going to get a return shipping label for that one. Keep an eye on your email. You'll be hearing from them shortly and once again, I apologize.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Fortunately, I didn't destroy the box opening it, so it's already packed. But I don't have the plastic strapping materials, so asking for recommendations on getting that box sealed up well, right. I used packing tape, but I don't think that would hold it completely. Get some recommendations from him on what I can do to make sure that it gets back there in one piece.

Peter: Okay, will do. Yeah, they're good at that and you'll be hearing from them shortly.

What's the Best Retrax Cover for a 2019 Ford F-150?

F-150 Owner: I'd inquired about a tonneau cover online and received a few emails back. So I thought I'd give a call and see if I can't get fit with the right product for my truck.

Peter: Okay, what truck is it for?

F-150 Owner: I've got a 2019 Ford F-150 Crew Cab, or Super Crew.

Peter: Okay.

F-150 Owner: Originally the quote I was looking for a Retrax cover. I'm curious about the Pro. Because I know the Pro is a little heavier duty and it's a different material. And I can tell you in the past I've had different trucks, about three different trucks, with the BAKFlip, the tri fold or whatever it is, and I like them. But I like the idea of a slider a little better.

Peter: Right, okay.

F-150 Owner: I like the cover being open without losing my vision.

Peter: Right. The Retral Pro MX is much more heavy duty. It's made of aluminum. It's the only retractable out there that has a lifetime warranty. I mean it really will last the lifetime of the truck. It can hold like 500 pounds on top, it's just very heavy duty. I can get you that one with free shipping, and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-150 Owner: Yeah, that's a really good deal.

Peter: Yes.

F-150 Owner: Okay. So, I think for the price, it's probably the way to go. Okay, so what do you need from me to order? Do you do it online, or do you want to do it over the phone?

Peter: Yeah I can take care of it right now real quick, and then get it going.

F-150 Owner: There's a gloss one and matte one, are there different?

Peter: Yeah, I would recommend the matte.

F-150 Owner: That's what I wanted, I don't want the gloss. Would this be shipped out Monday?

Peter: Monday or Tuesday at the latest, yeah. It'll be FedEx Ground.

F-150 Owner: Okay. Let's go ahead and do it