FAQ — tailgate seal


How Long Does a BAKFlip MX4 for a Honda Ridgeline Take to Ship?

Ridgeline Owner: Hi Peter. I entered my email for a price for the BAKFlip MX4.

Peter: Okay. And what truck is it for?

Ridgeline Owner: For a 2019 Honda Ridgeline.

Peter: Okay. Did we send you a quote?

Ridgeline Owner: I got an email that says, "Ask me about my free gift." I never got a quote.

Peter: Oh, okay. Sorry about that. I just sent you a quote. It's also free shipping. And there's no sales tax since you're ordering it from outside of Arizona. And I can also include our Tailgate Seal Kit for free with your purchase.

Ridgeline Owner: How long does it typically take to arrive?

Peter: About five to seven days.

Ridgeline Owner: I'm going to put in my order right now. Can you take an order?

Peter: Sure, yeah, I'll get you going here. Also, just so you know, the Tailgate Seal Kit is going to come from our office in Arizona, so it's going to arrive separately. But I'll get everything on the way here. You'll receive an email confirmation here in just a second. There we go. And you are all set. You're good to go.

Does the BAKFlip G2 for a 2015 Ford F250 Crew Cab Come With a Lock?

F250 Owner: Okay. I just received an email about the BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover.

Sean: Okay. Do you want to place an order for one of those?

F250 Owner: Well, I had some questions about the cover first.

Sean: Whatcha got?

F250 Owner: What type of key and lock comes with that? Is it a hardened lock?

Sean: There are no locks on the covers, but you can't open the cover with your tailgate locked, so as long as you have a tailgate lock, you are good to go.

F250 Owner: Okay. Does this come with the dust cover, between the Tonneau Cover and the tailgate?

Sean: Sure, I can throw a tailgate seal in there for you.

F250 Owner: Okay. You quoted me free shipping. Is that still available?

Sean: Yes sir. What kind of truck is it?

F250 Owner: It's a 2015 Ford F250 Crew Cab six foot nine box. Can I order a little later today?

Sean: Well here's what I'll do. I'm going to e-mail you with a form and should you want to do it yourself you'll have that option, and if you want to call us back I can help you that way too.

How Do I Find Part Numbers for Truck Accessories and Get the Best Price?

Tonneau Covered Customer: I just purchased a Tonneau Cover from you. In fact, I already got it and I put it on my truck.

Peter: Oh, good.

Tonneau Covered Customer: I have an email from you saying that you would issue a free gift, a tailgate seal?

Peter: Right. Yes. We've been doing that for the last few weeks.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Could I still get one of those tailgate seals?

Peter: Sure. Not a problem. Let me pull you up here.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Cool. I ordered a Bakflip MX4.

Peter: Got it. Okay. Yep. Give me just a second here. All right. I will have it sent out right away. It's going to be coming from our office here in Arizona, so it might take a minute, but it is on the way.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, sure. Listen, I have another question for you. It's Tonneau Covers and accessories, correct?

Peter: Right.

Tonneau Covered Customer: How do I get into accessories on your webpage?

Peter: Yeah, so we really don't display them very much. I mean, we literally have pretty much anything you need for your truck. What I would recommend doing is, even if you Google it or something like that, if you just grab a part number, let me know. I'll beat their price anyway and most likely carry it.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay. Very good.

Peter: Yeah.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Very, very good. All right, sounds good.

Peter: Okay. All right. Well, yeah, let me know.

Tonneau Covered Customer: I appreciate it. And I'll be doing business with you again.

Peter: Sounds good. All right. We'll talk to you soon.

Tonneau Covered Customer: All right. All right, thanks Pete.

Peter: Thanks. All right, bye.

How Do You Measure The Bed Length of a 2016 Chevy Silverado for an Extang Revolution?

Silverado Owner: I sent a request for a quote on a bedcover last night, and I got an email back from you.

Peter: Okay. What were you looking for?

Silverado Owner: It's a 2016, Silverado. It's a double cab LTZ.

Peter: Okay, and what's the bed length?

Silverado Owner: How do you measure the bed length? I mean, what do you measure in there?

Peter: It's on the inside, so, from behind the cab on the inside of the bed to the inside of the tailgate.

Silverado Owner: Okay. I believe it's six and a half. I was coming up over six, six and a half the other way.

Peter: Got it. Okay. And which cover were we talking about?

Silverado Owner: That was the Extang Revolution.

Peter: Okay.

Silverado Owner: That's the roll-up, correct? That's the roll up correct?

Peter: It is, yeah. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax since your ordering it outside of Arizona.

Silverado Owner: Okay. And how long does that usually take?

Peter: About five to seven days.

Silverado Owner: Okay. And then I got an email, phone, ad about a free tailgate seal or something.

Peter: Yes, I can include that as well.

Silverado Owner: Okay. Let's go ahead and get that ordered.

Peter: Okay, no problem.

Which Tonneau Cover is Aluminum & Water Resistant & Easy to Install on a GMC Sierra?

GMC Owner: Can you give me some info on the BAKFlip MX4?

Peter: Okay, what truck is it for?

GMC Owner: I have a 2019 Sierra GMC with a 5'8" bed.

Peter: I already emailed you a quote, and for you it's also free shipping and no sales tax.

GMC Owner: Okay, I also got a thing saying that you offer a free gift comes with it though.

Peter: Yes, it's a tailgate seal kit.

GMC Owner: Yeah. That's the cover I need correct? Is the BAKFlip MX4 the one that's aluminum with the grip edges that run down in the front that don't leak and all that stuff?

Peter: Right.

GMC Owner: Okay. It looks like a real good unit. I just bought this truck and I want to put something that's flush down in there. The MX4 is pretty easy to install, correct?

Peter: That's right.

GMC Owner: Okay. How do I get this thing, just going to put it on credit card?

Peter: Yeah. I can take care of it right now and then you're going to get a confirmation email after the purchase. Allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.

GMC Owner: Okay. You said you'll send me that free gift with this?

Peter: Yes, absolutely. Just so you know the tailgate seal kit is coming from our office in Arizona so it will arrive separately but you can install the cover before it arrives. 

Which Retrax Cover is The Aluminum Retractable With The Matte Black Finish?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I'm calling because I want to buy a tonneau cover for my truck.

Peter: Which cover are you looking at?

Toyota Tundra Owner: The Retrax Pro.

Peter: Okay, the Retrax Pro MX, got it. What truck is it for?

Toyota Tundra Owner: It's for a 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

Peter: I just emailed you a price quote. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you are ordering from outside of Arizona.

Toyota Tundra Owner: That's for the Retrax Pro, right?

Peter: Yes, you want the one with the matte finish, right? The Retrax Pro MX is the aluminum retractable with the matte black finish.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yeah, that's the bed covers right? From Retrax?

Peter: Yes. Did you want to get that ordered today?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yes. I'll go ahead and get that cover ordered now.

Peter: I just need the bed length.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Oh, it's a five foot six bed.

Peter: And do you have the rails in the bed?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yes, I do have the rails.

Peter: O.K. you're going to get a confirmation email here in just a second. Allow about five days for delivery. And you're all set.

Toyota Tundra Owner: I also want to ask you about the deal that I got on my email that if I bought the bed liner, I can have a free gift if it is for a $95 value.

Peter: Yes. It's the tailgate seal. I'll include that.