FAQ — secure tonneau cover


Is the BAKFlip MX4 for a 2019 GMC Sierra Scratch Resistant and Secure?

GMC Sierra Owner: Yes, I just got pricing online for your BAKFlip MX-4

Shawn: Okay, did you want go ahead and place an order for one of those today?

GMC Sierra Owner: Well I'm not sure. I've never seen this one and I was looking at your website and people had several different ones on there. And I didn't know if I like the idea of this one being able to flip up one, two or three and lock in place. Do you have others like that?

Shawn: We do, but the BAKFlip MX4 is actually one of the best on the market. 

GMC Sierra Owner: Oh okay. So is the MX4 kind of a matte, scratch-resistant, non-fade out looking thing?

Shawn: Correct, yeah. It's got the heavy duty aluminum panel so they're dent resistant, scratch resistant. It's got the dual action tailgate seal where you can open and close your tailgate without opening the cover.

GMC Sierra Owner: So if I shut the tailgate and lock it is someone going to be able to get into this? Or is it secure?

Shawn: If they want to bad enough they'll be able to get into anything. But in theory, no, you have to have the tailgate open in order to operate the mechanism.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay 'cause I drive an Avalanche now and I'm just getting rid of it, it's a GMC but I can't get that locking Avalanche thing. And so okay, let's see, yeah I'd like to have one delivered I guess. What all do you need?

Shawn: Okay so what, you said you've got a GMC?

GMC Sierra Owner: Yeah I have a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, it's the crew cab with the short bed. And I'm not sure if it's five and a half, or five foot eight. Do I need to go measure it real quick? Yeah it's the new body style, 2019.

Shawn: No it's fine, what you've given me is plenty. Short bed, it's either gonna be a short bed or a standard and standard is six and a half, and you'd know if it was that.

GMC Sierra Owner: Yeah it's not that. I measured outside and I couldn't tell if it was five foot five or five foot six. I don't know if you measure from inside or outside or what.

Shawn: Yeah they do it from the inside of the tailgate to the outside, inside of the bulkhead to the inside of the tailgate.

GMC Sierra Owner: I know that BAKFlip makes a G2 or something, but it's kind of a shiny rough finish isn't it? Or do you not carry that one?

Shawn: Yeah, no the G2, it's a shiny finish and then it's also got thinner panels. It doesn't have that seal that you can open and close your tailgate. You got the good one.

GMC Sierra Owner: Good, okay 'cause I've never seen this and I just want to make sure 'cause I really like that Avalanche I have the way it's done. Okay well I appreciate all your time and help.

Shawn: You got it. Have a good day my friend.

Does the BAKFlip G2 for a 2015 Ford F250 Crew Cab Come With a Lock?

F250 Owner: Okay. I just received an email about the BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover.

Sean: Okay. Do you want to place an order for one of those?

F250 Owner: Well, I had some questions about the cover first.

Sean: Whatcha got?

F250 Owner: What type of key and lock comes with that? Is it a hardened lock?

Sean: There are no locks on the covers, but you can't open the cover with your tailgate locked, so as long as you have a tailgate lock, you are good to go.

F250 Owner: Okay. Does this come with the dust cover, between the Tonneau Cover and the tailgate?

Sean: Sure, I can throw a tailgate seal in there for you.

F250 Owner: Okay. You quoted me free shipping. Is that still available?

Sean: Yes sir. What kind of truck is it?

F250 Owner: It's a 2015 Ford F250 Crew Cab six foot nine box. Can I order a little later today?

Sean: Well here's what I'll do. I'm going to e-mail you with a form and should you want to do it yourself you'll have that option, and if you want to call us back I can help you that way too.

What's the Best Tonneau Cover That's Waterproof and Secure for a 2017 GMC Canyon?

GMC Owner: I wanted to touch base with you. Got a 2017 GMC Canyon Duramax long bed and I don't really know about if there's advantages of the different tonneau covers. But I've got a GMC bedliner that's kind of a plastic one and there's a cover over the edge of the bed as well as the tailgate. I'm sure that probably has an impact on the installation or whatever needs to happen for the tonneau cover.

Peter: Yeah.

GMC Owner: So why don't you give the low down...here's what I'm looking for in terms of a tonneau cover. I want something that's going to, as you mentioned, keep things dry. But I also want something that's not going to be sliceable with a knife. Basically, what's the best waterproof cover that is also good on security?

Peter: So, you're going to want a hardcover.

GMC Owner: Yeah. Because my friends and I, if we go golfing, there'd be four bags of golf clubs when we go to the restaurant or something like that afterwards. And the last thing we need is expensive clubs disappearing.

Peter: Of course, yeah. So, by far the most popular is going to be the BAKFlip MX4. We sell more of those than anything. It's super well reviewed, it's very water resistant. When your tailgate is locked, the cover is locked and secure. And it sits flush inside the bedrail so it's got that really low-profile appearance. That's a really good option. And it's a tri fold, but it can fold completely.

GMC Owner: Is it complicated to install? I think I watched a video on that last night, if it's the same one.

Peter: It's real straight forward. Probably takes 30 minutes. Just clamp the rails on, get the drain tubes in and you're done. It's real simple.

GMC Owner: Okay. So, in order to order that, what do? Just contact you on the phone or is that how we do it?

Peter: Yeah, just give me a call and then we'll get it in for shipping and get it on the way.

GMC Owner: All right, and is this a discounted price? Or is this what?

Peter: It is. I think it's the lowest price anywhere by an authorized dealer. I mean, you can just Google it and see. But I'm beating most places by at least $100. So just give me a call when you're ready.

How Difficult is a BAKFlip Tonneau Cover to Install on a 2019 Tacoma?

Tacoma Owner: You sent me an email, I think it was yesterday, concerning a BAKFlip for my 2019 Tacoma.

Peter: Okay.

Tacoma Owner: And I just... I got a couple questions if you don't mind answering.

Peter: Sure.

Tacoma Owner: So I had a Tundra before, and I had one of those hard traditional Tonneau covers, like paint to match type thing.

Peter: Yeah.

Tacoma Owner: And I know... It was kind of just a pain to take off. You needed another person and stuff.

Peter: Yeah.

Tacoma Owner: And I've seen these low profile ones like the BAKFlip. So I'm pretty certain that's what I want, but I don't want anything super glossy or anything. Kind of like that matte finish. And from what I've seen, I think the BAKFlip is what I want. I just don't know which one.

Peter: So you don't like the glossy finish. You want a matte finish.

Tacoma Owner: Right.

Peter: Okay.

Tacoma Owner: And I understand no Tonneau cover is going to be totally waterproof, and my other one wasn't. You had weatherstripping on it and stuff, but... to block out water for the most part. Are these things secure?

Peter: They are. Yeah. When the tailgate is locked, the cover is locked and secure, and they're extremely water resistant. You're going to want to go with the BAKFlip MX4. 

Tacoma Owner: Okay.

Peter: The most popular, the best reviewed, and it has that nice textured matte black finish that looks really good.

Tacoma Owner: Okay. And how difficult are these things to install?

Peter: Not Difficult at all. It's probably 30 minutes or less. They just clamp on. And then you install the drain tubes, and you're done. It's pretty simple.

Tacoma Owner: So I have the BAK rail system on that. Does that work with that?

Peter: It does.

Tacoma Owner: I'll be calling you back a bit later to place an order.

Peter: Okay. Sounds good!