FAQ — tailgate


How Do I Get a FREE Tailgate Seal With My BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau Covered Customer: Hi there, this is Tonneau Covered Customer McAndrew. I ordered the BAKFlip MX4 cover, but I meant to ask about the Squeaky Clean Bed Kit to add on to that order?

Peter: Squeaky Clean Bed Kit, I'm not familiar with that.

Tonneau Covered Customer: I got an email from TonneauCovered.com. It says, "We're offering a free gift with this cover right now, it's a Tailgate Seal, a great add-on. It's a $34.95 value, and you just have to call and ask to add it for free when you call."

Peter: Yes, no problem. And I see your order here, so I can add that. That's going to come separately from our office here in Arizona. But I'll get that in there. Yep, no problem.

Tonneau Covered Customer: That's great. Thank you.

Peter: Cool. And let me ask you, so did you just ... You received a quote from us and there was a link to buy? Is that how you purchased it? Or did you call and talk to one of our representatives?

Tonneau Covered Customer: No, I think ... Well, I guess the email was from you, but it's probably auto-generated. But yeah, I used the link in the email.

Peter: Okay, perfect. Yep, I see here you purchased this morning. So yeah, I'll get that added to your order as well.

Tonneau Covered Customer: All right, awesome.

Peter: Cool. Well, yeah, and we'll get it shipped out. I would expect about five days for delivery on this.

What's the Best Mat For The Bed of My 2018 GMC Crew Cab?

GMC Owner: Hey. I'm calling you about a couple of items I'm looking to buy for my truck.

Peter: Okay. What are you looking for?

GMC Owner: For the bed mat, there's an impact mat for the 2018 GMC Crew Cab, short bed 5'8".

Peter: Okay. Were you looking at the bed rug?

GMC Owner: Well, when I was looking it was made by Bed Rug but it's an impact mat. It's a mat. It's a rug.

Peter: Right. Okay.

GMC Owner: It covers your tailgate and the bed.

Peter: Do you want the full liner that covers everything or just the bottom of the bed and the tailgate?

GMC Owner: I think just the bottom and the tailgate.

Peter: Okay, got you. Let me see. And you said it's a short bed?

GMC Owner: Yes, 5'8".

Peter: Okay. Let's see. Okay. Yeah, I've got the XLT impact. It covers the bottom of the bed and the tailgate. I've got that with free shipping and no sales tax.

GMC Owner: Okay. My tonneau cover, that BAKFlip is supposed to be here this Thursday. I ordered it here last week and some floor mats, WeatherTech. I got those. They fit great.

Peter: Glad to hear it.

GMC Owner: I've also got a need for mud flaps. WeatherTech No-Drill is what I've been looking at. Go ahead and add those two.

Peter: Okay, give me just a moment. I'm just getting these part numbers in here. So, we've got the WeatherTech mud flaps and the bed rug impact bed liner for the bottom of the bed and the tailgate. You'll get an email confirmation here in just a second, and I'll get these on the way for you.

GMC Owner: All right. One other thing I wanted to ask you about, Peter, if you've got a minute.

Peter: Yeah.

GMC Owner: I didn't see it on your website is under-seat storage or the back seat.

Peter: Okay. So, the Du-Ha is a really popular option. It's a really good product.

GMC Owner: Okay, yeah. I might have to wait on that, but I'd like to have that. I see it on here. Du-Ha.

Peter: Sure. I'll get everything else shipped out. Have a good one.

How Difficult is a BAKFlip Tonneau Cover to Install on a 2019 Tacoma?

Tacoma Owner: You sent me an email, I think it was yesterday, concerning a BAKFlip for my 2019 Tacoma.

Peter: Okay.

Tacoma Owner: And I just... I got a couple questions if you don't mind answering.

Peter: Sure.

Tacoma Owner: So I had a Tundra before, and I had one of those hard traditional Tonneau covers, like paint to match type thing.

Peter: Yeah.

Tacoma Owner: And I know... It was kind of just a pain to take off. You needed another person and stuff.

Peter: Yeah.

Tacoma Owner: And I've seen these low profile ones like the BAKFlip. So I'm pretty certain that's what I want, but I don't want anything super glossy or anything. Kind of like that matte finish. And from what I've seen, I think the BAKFlip is what I want. I just don't know which one.

Peter: So you don't like the glossy finish. You want a matte finish.

Tacoma Owner: Right.

Peter: Okay.

Tacoma Owner: And I understand no Tonneau cover is going to be totally waterproof, and my other one wasn't. You had weatherstripping on it and stuff, but... to block out water for the most part. Are these things secure?

Peter: They are. Yeah. When the tailgate is locked, the cover is locked and secure, and they're extremely water resistant. You're going to want to go with the BAKFlip MX4. 

Tacoma Owner: Okay.

Peter: The most popular, the best reviewed, and it has that nice textured matte black finish that looks really good.

Tacoma Owner: Okay. And how difficult are these things to install?

Peter: Not Difficult at all. It's probably 30 minutes or less. They just clamp on. And then you install the drain tubes, and you're done. It's pretty simple.

Tacoma Owner: So I have the BAK rail system on that. Does that work with that?

Peter: It does.

Tacoma Owner: I'll be calling you back a bit later to place an order.

Peter: Okay. Sounds good!

Do Tailgate Seals Really Work?

F-150 Owner: I'm looking to purchase the BAKFlip Revolver X4 for my truck, which is a 2015 Ford F150 Lariat.

Peter: Okay I can help with that.

F-150 Owner: I got your email price quote and I also wanted to say that no wonder you guys don't put your prices online since they're so cheap!

Peter: Yeah, we're actually not allowed to. If you sell for less than the manufacturer's advertised price, you have to either email us or call us.

F-150 Owner: Do those seals work that you guys have for the tailgates? I think they are called tailgate seals. Are those worthwhile?

Peter: Yeah, I mean it's good at keeping dust out and water, stuff like that. Yeah, it works. It's a good addition.

F-150 Owner: Okay, alright. I'll have to check the gap in my truck and see. I might call you back on those.

Peter: Okay. I'm putting it in for shipping right now. It should be two days. You should get it Wednesday. If not, Thursday at the very latest, but I think you'll have it Wednesday.

F-150 Owner: Okay, perfect. Man, that's awesome.

Peter: There you go. You're all set.