FAQ — tailgate seals


Do Tailgate Seals Really Work?

F-150 Owner: I'm looking to purchase the BAKFlip Revolver X4 for my truck, which is a 2015 Ford F150 Lariat.

Peter: Okay I can help with that.

F-150 Owner: I got your email price quote and I also wanted to say that no wonder you guys don't put your prices online since they're so cheap!

Peter: Yeah, we're actually not allowed to. If you sell for less than the manufacturer's advertised price, you have to either email us or call us.

F-150 Owner: Do those seals work that you guys have for the tailgates? I think they are called tailgate seals. Are those worthwhile?

Peter: Yeah, I mean it's good at keeping dust out and water, stuff like that. Yeah, it works. It's a good addition.

F-150 Owner: Okay, alright. I'll have to check the gap in my truck and see. I might call you back on those.

Peter: Okay. I'm putting it in for shipping right now. It should be two days. You should get it Wednesday. If not, Thursday at the very latest, but I think you'll have it Wednesday.

F-150 Owner: Okay, perfect. Man, that's awesome.

Peter: There you go. You're all set.

Do I Have to Wait for My Tailgate Seal Kit to Install My Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau Covered Customer: I received my tonneau cover and I was told the waterproof kit seal, or the tailgate seal kit, would be sent with my order and I didn't receive it.

Peter: It ships separately, and it comes from our office here in Arizona, so, let me pull it up here. So yeah, it's on the way, it comes US Postal Service.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay.

Peter: And so, you can install the cover first, that's fine, but yeah I see it here, it's on the way, but you're in New Jersey, so it's going to take a second.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, so I don't have to wait for the tailgate seal kit to install my tonneau cover?

Peter: Correct. You can install the cover first and then just add the tailgate seal once it arrives.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, thank you. The only thing that I find out was that when I install it, I have to pull the thing right on the edge in the front, because it seemed to be a half inch short at first.  But I think it will work out just fine. It looks nice.

Peter: Okay, great! Well that tailgate seal kit should be there soon. 

Does the RetraxPRO MX Make a Wide Rails Cover For the New Chevy Body Style?

Silverado Owner: I'm calling today to check on a Tonneau cover, a Retrax.

Peter: Okay. What model was it?

Silverado Owner: It's a RetraxPRO MX. You sent me a price quote in my email.

Peter: The matte finish?

Silverado Owner: Yeah, the matte finish. Yes, sir.

Peter: What truck was it for?

Silverado Owner: It was for a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

Peter: Okay. What was the bed length?

Silverado Owner: It's a short bed.

Peter: Okay. So I've got the RetraxPRO MX in stock. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax.

Silverado Owner: And was that price for the wide rail for the Chevy?

Peter: No, that's not the wide rail. The wide rail would be $40 more. With the wide rails it increases the price on it.

Silverado Owner: Okay. It is the 2019 short bed, but did I mention it's a new body style?

Peter: Actually, and I apologize for the confusion, but for the new body style they actually do not make the wide rails.

Silverado Owner: Oh, they don't make the wide rails?

Peter: Right.

Silverado Owner: Okay. Well, I'm trying to figure out how it would work. It would just cover up half the stake hole?

Peter: That's right.

Silverado Owner: That's kind of weird. Do they make something that's cut ... I don't know what to do. What would you suggest if they don't ... Would you have something cut out for the stake, or do they make that, too?

Peter: They do not make that for the new body style.

Silverado Owner: So what it's going to do is cover up half the stake hole. That's kind of weird though, isn't it? 

Peter: It actually doesn't look that bad. It looks fine. You aren't really going to notice.

Silverado Owner: Let me try this. Yeah, let's go ahead and get that order in for the standard RetraxPRO MX.

Peter: Okay. So I'm going to get this shipped out right now. Give me just a second here. Okay.

Silverado Owner: And that comes with the seals, the back bed auto grade seal, all that stuff?

Peter: That's right. And I'm getting it in for shipping right now. There we go. I've confirmed it, so you're good to go.