FAQ — 2019 Chevrolet Silverado


What's the Difference Between the Retrax Covers for a 2019 Chevy Silverado?

Silverado Owner: Yes, sir. I found you on the Internet. I want to see about a a tonneau cover for a 2019 Chevy Silverado.

Peter: Okay. Which cover were you looking at?

Silverado Owner: I think the Retrax PRO MX.

Peter: Okay, nice. What's the bed length?

Silverado Owner: Five eight bed.

Peter: Got the Retrax Pro MX with free shipping. No sales tax if you order from outside of Arizona.

Silverado Owner: Let me ask you, what's the difference between that one? They sell a couple of different ones, and one's a composite and one's aluminum. And besides one's metal and one's not, what's the difference between those Retrax covers?

Peter: That is the difference. So they sell three really. So there's the polycarbonate, so the plastic. Then they have the aluminum. There's a difference in warranty as well. The plastic has a one year warranty. The aluminum has their legendary Lifetime Warranty. It holds up really well. It's super heavy duty and it holds 500 pounds on top. So it's a much more durable cover. And then they make the XR, which is, it has the tee slotted rails that you can add Yakima racks and stuff like that.

Silverado Owner: Oh yeah. I don't need that. Okay. Well let me get back with you. How long does it take to ship, or how long would it take to get here?

Peter: Usually receive it between five and seven days from when you order.

Silverado Owner: Okay. Okay. All right. Thank you very much. I appreciate the information.

Peter: Okay. Talk to you soon. Thanks.

Does the RetraxPRO MX Make a Wide Rails Cover For the New Chevy Body Style?

Silverado Owner: I'm calling today to check on a Tonneau cover, a Retrax.

Peter: Okay. What model was it?

Silverado Owner: It's a RetraxPRO MX. You sent me a price quote in my email.

Peter: The matte finish?

Silverado Owner: Yeah, the matte finish. Yes, sir.

Peter: What truck was it for?

Silverado Owner: It was for a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

Peter: Okay. What was the bed length?

Silverado Owner: It's a short bed.

Peter: Okay. So I've got the RetraxPRO MX in stock. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax.

Silverado Owner: And was that price for the wide rail for the Chevy?

Peter: No, that's not the wide rail. The wide rail would be $40 more. With the wide rails it increases the price on it.

Silverado Owner: Okay. It is the 2019 short bed, but did I mention it's a new body style?

Peter: Actually, and I apologize for the confusion, but for the new body style they actually do not make the wide rails.

Silverado Owner: Oh, they don't make the wide rails?

Peter: Right.

Silverado Owner: Okay. Well, I'm trying to figure out how it would work. It would just cover up half the stake hole?

Peter: That's right.

Silverado Owner: That's kind of weird. Do they make something that's cut ... I don't know what to do. What would you suggest if they don't ... Would you have something cut out for the stake, or do they make that, too?

Peter: They do not make that for the new body style.

Silverado Owner: So what it's going to do is cover up half the stake hole. That's kind of weird though, isn't it? 

Peter: It actually doesn't look that bad. It looks fine. You aren't really going to notice.

Silverado Owner: Let me try this. Yeah, let's go ahead and get that order in for the standard RetraxPRO MX.

Peter: Okay. So I'm going to get this shipped out right now. Give me just a second here. Okay.

Silverado Owner: And that comes with the seals, the back bed auto grade seal, all that stuff?

Peter: That's right. And I'm getting it in for shipping right now. There we go. I've confirmed it, so you're good to go.