Do I Have to Wait for My Tailgate Seal Kit to Install My Tonneau Cover?


Tonneau Covered Customer: I received my tonneau cover and I was told the waterproof kit seal, or the tailgate seal kit, would be sent with my order and I didn't receive it.

Peter: It ships separately, and it comes from our office here in Arizona, so, let me pull it up here. So yeah, it's on the way, it comes US Postal Service.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay.

Peter: And so, you can install the cover first, that's fine, but yeah I see it here, it's on the way, but you're in New Jersey, so it's going to take a second.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, so I don't have to wait for the tailgate seal kit to install my tonneau cover?

Peter: Correct. You can install the cover first and then just add the tailgate seal once it arrives.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, thank you. The only thing that I find out was that when I install it, I have to pull the thing right on the edge in the front, because it seemed to be a half inch short at first.  But I think it will work out just fine. It looks nice.

Peter: Okay, great! Well that tailgate seal kit should be there soon. 

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove