FAQ — 1997 Ford F-250


Which ACCESS Cover Has the Best Weather Protection for a 1997 F-250?

F-250 Owner: I sent an email requesting a price on an ACCESS Tonneau Cover and I am calling back because I have some questions and I don't necessarily need the ACCESS brand either. I am going to go on a trip and I am going to get a pop-up for my 1997. I got a Rhino Lining on my truck, so I am wondering how that's going to work as far as sealing the cover.

Peter: Yeah, that's not going to be an issue. All the appropriate seals and gaskets come with it. What truck was it for? You said a 1997?

F-250 Owner: Yeah, it's a 1997 F-250 RBS and it's a 9-foot bed.

Peter: Okay.

F-250 Owner: And so, there's also a seal kit and that is that they sit pretty much on the rim of the bed where they attach and they don't hang over or go out to the edge of the rail? And I would like to make-I'd like to have it where I've got it sealed fairly well from the weather. It's not going to be totally waterproof, I accept that, but I'd like to...is the seal kit available for that particular cover?

Peter: Yes, I can include that with your purchase.

F-250 Owner: Okay. And so, I've researched a little, and it doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between covers. Can you, maybe I'm viewing it correctly but it seems like all the different brands-and I need a roll-up. I need a fold-up one and I got a huge Snake hitch in my truck so I can't have a 3 piece fold up. I need it to actually roll up but I do want some rigidity in it.

Peter: Okay. So, no there is not a lot of difference. You just have to decide if you want a higher profile that sits up a little or lower profile.

F-250 Owner: So, is the higher profile going to make a difference?

Peter: It's just the way that it looks and you get maybe an extra inch underneath.

F-250 Owner: So, it's really storage more than anything else.

Peter: Right.

F-250 Owner: Right, got it. So, the vinyl lining would not be a problem.

Peter: No.

F-250 Owner: Okay. And what, how much is the seal kit?

Peter: I can include that with your purchase.

F-250 Owner: Oh, okay. So, you've quoted a price on the long bed. I'm looking at the email you sent me.

Peter: Yeah, I can do a few bucks better than that on the ACCESS covers; the Original or the Laredo which sits a little more, lower profile.

F-250 Owner: Right, and tell me about your Angry Elephant Brand?

Peter: We actually don't sell that anymore. We just recently stopped selling that and I don't know if we are going to be doing that again.

F-250 Owner: Oh, okay. Well, I wasn't sure. I was looking at a review online that talked about the Angry Elephant and I was just curious to know about that one as well. How long is, how good is the price quote good for?

Peter: Ten days.

F-250 Owner: Yeah, okay. And so, the cover is vinyl? Is that a commercial-grade, like vinyl?

Peter: Yes, it's very high quality.

F-250 Owner: Yeah, it is a high quality Tonneau Cover?

Peter: It is, very much so.

F-250 Owner: Yes. What about other brands on the market? I see some have fabric and stuff like that but I can't see those things lasting as good as the vinyls.

Peter: No, the vinyls what you want.

F-250 Owner: Yeah, okay. Okay, well are there any other? I know the Original, but what about the low-profile one? Is it about the same price?

Peter: Yes, it's the same price with free shipping and there is no sales tax if your ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-250 Owner: What does the five-year warranty cover?

Peter: Pretty much everything. They want to keep you as a customer so the warranty is very good.

F-250 Owner: Okay. And that has the aluminum slats that go across?

Peter: Yes, that's correct.

F-250 Owner: Yeah. And when they say load or weight capacity, that doesn't mean a lot. Can you give me an idea... Would it support a foreign snow bed?

Peter: Yes.

F-250 Owner: Or? Okay, so it would. How many pounds do you think it would support?

Peter: I mean when it is equally distributed weight, probably, 100-200 lbs.

F-250 Owner: Oh, okay. Well let me check with my wife because we are going to be pulling a camper on our next trip, but it would be nice to put some stuff in our truck and have it covered.

Peter: Sure. Just give me a call when you're ready.