FAQ — Access Toolbox Cover


What Information is Needed to Order an Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover for a 2013 Ford F250

Ford F250 Owner: Hi, I sent in an email yesterday for a quote for an Access Toolbox Edition tonneau cover for a 2013 Ford F250.

Peter: Okay. And what was the bed length?

Ford F250 Owner: 6'8", I believe.

Peter: Okay. Let me see. Give me just a moment here. Do you know the dimensions of the toolbox?

Ford F250 Owner: I want to say it's 18 to 20 wide.

Peter: Okay. So it's a standard toolbox?

Ford F250 Owner: Yeah. Because they only work up to 21 inches wide, I believe, for that Access Toolbox cover?

Peter: Right, right. Okay, so, that sounds good. And then did we send you a quote?

Ford F250 Owner: Yes. With free shipping, and no sales tax outside of Arizona?

Peter: Correct. Did you want to get that ordered today?

Ford F250 Owner: I do. Yeah. Looks like the toolbox is 20 inches wide.

Peter: Okay.

Ford F250 Owner: Just another quick question, it did say on that email that you also get a free gift, the tailgate seal kit. Is that included, or no?

Peter: It is, but it will come from our office here in Arizona. So it'll arrive separately.

Ford F250 Owner: All right, great. Thank you very much.

What is the Best Tonneau Cover for a 2018 GMC Sierra with an 18 inch Toolbox?

GMC Sierra Owner: I went online last night to check out tonneau covers, and I'm interested in the Access cover.

Peter: Okay.

GMC Sierra Owner: I'm calling you because you quoted me on a price. I need it for 2018 Sierra or GMC Sierra 1500 and it's a 5'8 bed. I'm getting the toolbox tonneau cover so I have an 18 inch toolbox in there.

Peter: Ok, great. It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax since you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. Now this is an Access cover, right Peter?

Peter: Yes. It's the Access toolbox cover, absolutely.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay and this tonneau cover should fit the truck description that I gave you, correct?

Peter: Yes.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. All good, then I want to go ahead and order that Access Toolbox cover.

Peter: Okay. So I'll get this shipped out today. You should receive it early next week. You're gonna get an email confirmation here in just a second. Have a great day!