FAQ — G2 Installation


Can I Install the BAKFlip G2 By Myself on a 2018 Ford F-150?

F-150 Owner: Hi, I'm following up on an email that we've been going back and forth with for a couple of weeks. The BAKFlip G2 I just want to make sure that the offer you got me a week or so ago is still good.

Peter: Okay, let me take a look. What truck is it for?

F-150 Owner: It's a 2018 Ford F-150 with a 5 and a half foot bed.

Peter: Okay. So, I've got the G2 in stock, and I can honor the offer I quoted you. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax.

F-150 Owner: Okay. So if we order that today, about mid-week next week is when that would come in?

Peter: Or towards the end. Yes.

F-150 Owner: And then, one of the things that y'all were doing last week was a tailgate seal kit for that.

Peter: Right. I can include that as well.

F-150 Owner: I had sent in a question last week, kind of a follow up. Because I've been shopping for months. And I noticed that on some sites, they talk about a 5'5 bed, which is what I believe I have, because that's what's on the paperwork. And then some talk about a 5'7 bed.

Peter: Right.

F-150 Owner: So, are those actually two different lengths? Or is that just a difference in the way you measure?

Peter: No, there's only one size bed for the short bed. Some people just call it a different length. But I know exactly which one that is. So, the fitment will be perfect.

F-150 Owner: Okay. Can I install this tonneau cover all by myself?

Peter: Yep, this is a piece of cake. Just take your time. You know, just get everything out. You just get the rails clamped on, get the cover in their, and install the drain tubes. It's pretty straightforward.

F-150 Owner: Okay. All right. It looks like it. It looks like it. All right, well, if you'll send that link to me, and then I can give you a credit card number over the internet, or secure email.

Peter: Yeah. I just sent it, so if you don't see it shortly, just check your spam.

Robert: Okay. Very good.