FAQ — Ford F-350


Is the cost of a Truxedo TruXport lower for a Short Bed Than a Long Bed?

F-350 Owner: I spoke to you, I believe yesterday or the day before, about a Tonneau Cover. You had sent me a link where I could pay. The one thing that I noticed on the link is when I spoke to you and an email followed with a phone only tailgate seal.

Peter: Oh okay.

F-350 Owner: And that tailgate seal's not on the invoice that you had emailed to me so I figured I'd call and order just to make sure I got everything.

Peter: Yeah, I remember you. Okay, it was a Truxedo TruXport, correct?

F-350 Owner: Yep, 238601 was their part number for the TruXport.

Peter: That's it. Let me get the tailgate seal kit in here. The tailgate seal kit's going to come from our office here in Arizona. So it will arrive separately but I can get everything on the way. So you're wanting to place this order right now?

F-350 Owner: Yes, I would. Can you help me place the order over the phone?

Peter: Okay. Everything looks good. Can you just confirm your truck?

F-350 Owner: 1995 Ford F-350 eight foot bed.

Peter: Perfect. Yeah so you're all set. Looks good.

F-350 Owner: Okay. Well thank you very much. Just on a side note, I also have '93 short bed. Would a tonneau cover for that be cheaper?

Peter: For the TruXport?

F-350 Owner: Yeah. I'm not going to order it today. I'm just curious on the cost for the TruXport on my other truck.

Peter: Yeah, the prices are always a little lower if you have a short bed instead of a long bed.

F-350 Owner: Okay, so if we decide to add one on that, I'll give you a call back on that then.

Peter: All right. Sounds good.

Is a Folding or Roll-Up Cover Better for a 2017 Ford F-350?

F-350 Owner: I'm looking for Access Laredo, if you have that.

Peter: We do. What truck is it for?

F-350 Owner: 2017 F-350 with an eight foot bed.

Peter: Okay. Laredo. I can do that with free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-350 Owner: Do you know a whole lot about them? I mean is it a hard, what's the difference between the fold up and the roll up? Other than the roll up give you more room, but is that how it works?

Peter: Yes, exactly.

F-350 Owner: When you use the fold up, how much of the front can't you use? When it folds, do you get the last three feet, is that something like that or?

Peter: Pretty much. About two and a half feet.

F-350 Owner: About two and a half feet. But the fold up would probably be a little stronger with a snow load or something. Does it has slats across?

Peter: That's correct.

F-350 Owner: It would have a little more, okay. Do any of them lock?

Peter: Yeah. When your tailgate is locked, the cover is locked. That's how they're designed.

F-350 Owner: On the roll ups also?

Peter: Yes.

F-350 Owner: Okay. I guess, well, what do you have for an Access then in a fold up? What do you carry?

Peter: Access doesn't carry the fold up. It'd be probably an Extang Trifecta 2.0.

F-350 Owner: Extang it's called?

Peter: Yes.

F-350 Owner: Trifecta 2.0. what would that run, I guess for?

Peter: It's going to be the same price as the Access Laredo

F-350 Owner: Okay. And do you ship out right away then when I order or how does that work?

Peter: We do.

F-350 Owner: What else do you have in the fold up? Just that Extang?

Peter: The Extang is the one I would recommend.

F-350 Owner: Okay. All righty. Well thank you so much.

Should I Choose the BAKFlip MX4 or G2 for my 2016 Ford F-350?

F-350 Owner: You have been emailing me about a Tonneau cover for my 2016 F-350.

Peter: Okay, which cover?

F-350 Owner: It was either a BAKFlip MX4 or the BAKFlip G2. I haven't decided which one I wanted yet.

Peter: Okay.

F-350 Owner: I think I'm gonna go with the G2. They're both the same except for one's matte and one's a gloss finish, correct?

Peter: Well, that's true. The MX4 is also stronger aluminum and has a longer warranty.

F-350 Owner: Okay. So you quoted me some prices. I'm not on my email right now, but I'm ready to make a deal.

Peter: Okay. And you said you wanted to go with the G2?

F-350 Owner: Well, not necessarily. If the MX4 is a better quality then I wanna go with MX4.

Peter: Okay, no problem. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-350 Owner: Okay. That's what I want then.

Peter: Alright, I'll get you going here. Please allow about five to seven days for delivery on this. You're gonna get an email confirmation here in just a second. Here we go. And you're good to go, you're all set.

F-350 Owner: Alright, thank you Sir.

How Do I Get the Best Price on a Truxedo Truxport for a 95 Ford F-350 Long Bed?

Ford F-350 Owner: I had purchased a Tonneau cover from you for another truck. What I'm looking at is the TruXedo TruXport. It's for a '95 Ford F-350. It's a long bed, eight foot bed.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax because you're outside of the state of Arizona.

Ford F-350 Owner: Alright, now I looked up the TruXedo part number. Is that number 238601?

Tonneau Covered Agent: 238601, yes.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay. I think that's because my other truck is a different year. Same truck though, so that's what I had before. I wanted to make sure.

Tonneau Covered Agent: That's right.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay. I had emailed last night and I got a quote on that item and there was something else in here about a bed seal?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yes. A tailgate seal

Ford F-350 Owner: What is exactly is a tailgate seal?

Tonneau Covered Agent: It seals up the inside of the tailgate and keeps dust and water out, which is a nice addition with the tonneau cover.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay. Like across the bottom where the tailgate touches the bed basically?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Exactly.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay. Alright. Well, you know what? Let's go ahead and get this ordered I think. I can't finish up the order anyway because I don't have my wallet on me.

Tonneau Covered Agent: No problem. What I can do is I can email you a link here to check out online and then when you get your wallet you can just hop in there and take care of it.

Ford F-350 Owner: Yeah and let me just ask you one other thing. I'm not trying to be a difficult customer but I know the last time I had searched around you guys were one of the better places out there that had it in stock, and you were very helpful. I haven't even looked at pricing on this, but I guess my question is if you offer price matching.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Absolutely. If you were to find it for less anywhere, as long as they're an authorized dealer, we would refund you the difference plus $5.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay. but rather than going through that, it would probably be easier just to get the price up front and then you don't have to go through the whole refund process and do it twice.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay, cool. I know my wife's going to go right to Amazon. If it's on Amazon, is that legit or does it depend on who's selling it?

Tonneau Covered Agent: It depends who's selling it and then you have to remember that they're going to charge sales tax as well on top of that listed price.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay. That's a good point.

Tonneau Covered Agent: I'm going to shoot this over to you right now. If you don't see it shortly or whenever you get in there, check your spam.

Ford F-350 Owner: Okay, well, thanks for your help today. I appreciate it.

Retrax Cover for a 2019 Ford F-250

F-250 Owner: I had gotten an email from you a couple weeks ago about a Retrax cover, but that might be with stake pockets cut out. I don't want that. I want the standard one

Peter: Okay. Retrax Pro MX for an eight foot bed?

F-350 Owner: Yep, it's for a 2019 F-350. You had a program running on that. Is that still in effect?

Peter: Our sale ended, but let me see what I can do for you though. Give me just a second here. So 2019 F-350, eight foot bed... Okay, still good. Okay yeah, I can do it for close to the quoted sale price. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-350 Owner: There was a rebate, is that no longer available?

Peter: That ended as well, unfortunately.

F-350 Owner: When will you have any programs running again like that?

Peter: I don't know. When it comes to manufacturer rebates, we actually don't get informed until about 48 hours before.

F-350 Owner: Would you know the amount of that framing, or any of the material associated with that Retrax, how high does it sit above the bedrail on the truck when it's closed?

Peter: It doesn't. It sits flush inside the bedrail.

F-350 Owner: Beautiful, perfect that's important, because I have some clearance issues. And would you know the dimensions of the unit when it is fully opened? I've never had one of these things, and I have another issue now with the fuel tank.

Peter: Okay, so the canister is about 11 inches, by 11 inches, by the width of the bed.

F-350 Owner: 11 inches, by 11 inches. And does that open fully into it, or is there some portion of the cover that has to remain unopened?

Peter: Yeah, there's just a very little bit that will still stay in the rails. Yes.

F-350 Owner: There is something, okay. Do you know how much of that in inches?

Peter: I don't, I'm sorry.

F-350 Owner: This is important. Is there somebody I can call at Retrax about this?

Peter: Yeah, they have techs over there that might have the exact dimensions for your application. They might be able to help you with that.

F-350 Owner: Okay, I'm going to give them a call, see if I can get that information. And I'll get back to you sometime this afternoon. Is there an issue with these things leaking rain water? I'm hearing, reading a lot of different reviews on it, as far as being water tight.

Peter: Yeah, in my experience when there's water issues, they didn't install it correctly. It's designed to be extremely water resistant, with drain channels that lead to drain tubes, that keep the water out of the bed. So you shouldn't have issue with that.

F-350 Owner: I should not. Okay, good enough. I'll give them a holler and get back with you then.

Peter: Okay, sounds good.