FAQ — Retrax Rebate


How Do I Redeem My Retrax Rebate?

Tonneau Covered Customer: When I get the rebate, do I have to order the bars, or how does this rebate thing work?

Peter: No, you just send in the rebate form to Retrax and they will send you the bars.

Tonneau Covered Customer: That's what I'm saying. I send in the rebate and that's when I order it, right?

Peter: You don't have to order anything, you just send in the form.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Right, and then they send it to me? The bars?

Peter: Yes.

Tonneau Covered Customer: I'm going to be out of town. There's going to be different address, so does that matter?

Peter: You'll just indicate that on the form when you send it in.

Tonneau Covered Customer: So I can send it in anytime? Or do I have only until 30 days through this month, or what?

Peter: There is a cut off date on rebates. For this particular rebate it needs to be sent in by, I believe, the 15th of May.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, it says here please allow 10 to 12 weeks for processing.

Peter: You're going to have to ask Retrax about that. We have nothing to do with the rebate.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, I'll just send it in when I can.

Peter: Okay.

How do I Claim a Rebate on a Retrax Pro XR for a 2018 Ford F-150?

F150 Owner: You emailed me the other day on the Retrax Pro XR. What do you need from me?

Peter: What truck is it for?

F150 Owner: It's for a 2018 Ford F-150, with the smaller bed, the five and a half foot.

Peter: Okay. Let me grab that part number here. You already have that quoted price. It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax because you're outside of Arizona.

F150 Owner: Free shipping, yep. And I had someone else quote me less, but they didn't have the free shipping. Is this the one where they also have a rebate where I can get the rails for free?

Peter: That's right.

F150 Owner: The rebate is worth it. That's what's making me do it.

Peter: Yeah, it's like a $550 value on that rebate. It's awesome. Okay, so the 2018 Ford F150 short bed.

F150 Owner: 2018 F-150 short bed. You got it.

Peter: Okay. We're good. Allow about 5-7 days for delivery on this. It could be faster.

F150 Owner: So, what do I use for my receipt for the rebate?

Peter: The confirmation that I just sent you. It's going to have the part number on there and everything. It's going to say how much you paid. That's what they need. And then, yeah. You just send it in with the rebate form.

F150 Owner: Thank you.

Peter: Have a great day!

Retrax Cover for a 2019 Ford F-250

F-250 Owner: I had gotten an email from you a couple weeks ago about a Retrax cover, but that might be with stake pockets cut out. I don't want that. I want the standard one

Peter: Okay. Retrax Pro MX for an eight foot bed?

F-350 Owner: Yep, it's for a 2019 F-350. You had a program running on that. Is that still in effect?

Peter: Our sale ended, but let me see what I can do for you though. Give me just a second here. So 2019 F-350, eight foot bed... Okay, still good. Okay yeah, I can do it for close to the quoted sale price. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-350 Owner: There was a rebate, is that no longer available?

Peter: That ended as well, unfortunately.

F-350 Owner: When will you have any programs running again like that?

Peter: I don't know. When it comes to manufacturer rebates, we actually don't get informed until about 48 hours before.

F-350 Owner: Would you know the amount of that framing, or any of the material associated with that Retrax, how high does it sit above the bedrail on the truck when it's closed?

Peter: It doesn't. It sits flush inside the bedrail.

F-350 Owner: Beautiful, perfect that's important, because I have some clearance issues. And would you know the dimensions of the unit when it is fully opened? I've never had one of these things, and I have another issue now with the fuel tank.

Peter: Okay, so the canister is about 11 inches, by 11 inches, by the width of the bed.

F-350 Owner: 11 inches, by 11 inches. And does that open fully into it, or is there some portion of the cover that has to remain unopened?

Peter: Yeah, there's just a very little bit that will still stay in the rails. Yes.

F-350 Owner: There is something, okay. Do you know how much of that in inches?

Peter: I don't, I'm sorry.

F-350 Owner: This is important. Is there somebody I can call at Retrax about this?

Peter: Yeah, they have techs over there that might have the exact dimensions for your application. They might be able to help you with that.

F-350 Owner: Okay, I'm going to give them a call, see if I can get that information. And I'll get back to you sometime this afternoon. Is there an issue with these things leaking rain water? I'm hearing, reading a lot of different reviews on it, as far as being water tight.

Peter: Yeah, in my experience when there's water issues, they didn't install it correctly. It's designed to be extremely water resistant, with drain channels that lead to drain tubes, that keep the water out of the bed. So you shouldn't have issue with that.

F-350 Owner: I should not. Okay, good enough. I'll give them a holler and get back with you then.

Peter: Okay, sounds good.

What Information is Needed to Redeem a Retrax Rebate?

Retrax Customer: Hi, Sean. I am just calling because my husband bought a tonneau cover, and was supposed to get a rebate from Retrax. They're asking for a copy of the actual invoice, and we got a bunch of the emails and confirmations, but where can I find the information I need? 

Sean: Let me see here.

Retrax Customer: I think they're asking for a serial number. On the product? Is that what that serial number is?

Sean: Yeah, it's on the product and it's also on the box itself. So, if you still have the box, you should have it there as well.

Retrax Customer: Yeah, I don't know if he still has the box or not.

Sean: Okay. So, here's what I'm gonna do. I can print a packing slip, which should suffice.

Retrax Customer: It's asking me for a copy of the invoice and the dealer, would that be, tonneaucovered.com? Is that what I list for the dealer?

Sean: Yeah, and if they have any questions, just have them reach out to us because we actually buy directly from them. I'm gonna send some serial number location instructions to you and it will tell you where to look for your serial number as well.

Retrax Customer: That's actually on the tonneau cover somewhere?

Sean: Yes, ma'am. 

Retrax Customer: Because I was looking through all of the emails from you and it is just the things saying, "Your order has been shipped."

Sean: I resent the order confirmation to you. That should suffice. Should it not, have whoever you're speaking to at Retrax reach out to me directly. My name is Sean. I'm gonna send you the serial number location now as well.

Retrax Customer: Okay. Thank you very much.