What Information is Needed to Redeem a Retrax Rebate?


Retrax Customer: Hi, Sean. I am just calling because my husband bought a tonneau cover, and was supposed to get a rebate from Retrax. They're asking for a copy of the actual invoice, and we got a bunch of the emails and confirmations, but where can I find the information I need? 

Sean: Let me see here.

Retrax Customer: I think they're asking for a serial number. On the product? Is that what that serial number is?

Sean: Yeah, it's on the product and it's also on the box itself. So, if you still have the box, you should have it there as well.

Retrax Customer: Yeah, I don't know if he still has the box or not.

Sean: Okay. So, here's what I'm gonna do. I can print a packing slip, which should suffice.

Retrax Customer: It's asking me for a copy of the invoice and the dealer, would that be, tonneaucovered.com? Is that what I list for the dealer?

Sean: Yeah, and if they have any questions, just have them reach out to us because we actually buy directly from them. I'm gonna send some serial number location instructions to you and it will tell you where to look for your serial number as well.

Retrax Customer: That's actually on the tonneau cover somewhere?

Sean: Yes, ma'am. 

Retrax Customer: Because I was looking through all of the emails from you and it is just the things saying, "Your order has been shipped."

Sean: I resent the order confirmation to you. That should suffice. Should it not, have whoever you're speaking to at Retrax reach out to me directly. My name is Sean. I'm gonna send you the serial number location now as well.

Retrax Customer: Okay. Thank you very much.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove