FAQ — 2019 Dodge Ram


What is the Best Waterproof Tonneau Cover for a 2019 Dodge Ram Classic?

Dodge Ram Owner: Hey, I've received multiple emails from you on tonneau covers with quotes.

Peter: Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: I've got a 2019 Dodge Ram Classic, which is the same thing as a 2018.

Peter: Right.

Dodge Ram Owner: With a five foot seven short bed crewcab, 1500 half ton. I'm not sure if I want a one-piece, an Undercover SE, or I'm also considering a LOMAX hard tri-fold. I'm assuming you guys sell both?

Peter: We do. Yeah. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona. Let me see about the SE. That's more of a custom quote.

Dodge Ram Owner: Let me ask you something, because I am just not sure which one of these things I want. And the reason is is because I really need the bed to stay dry. I like the looks of the LOMAX. I like the ability to be able to take it off of there fairly easily if you want to haul something. But I certainly like the weatherproof features of the SE because it's a one-piece cover with edges that kind of roll over the side and it's going to be difficult to make it leak, I think.

Peter: Yeah, that's waterproof. Yeah. That's actually... The LOMAX you consider water-resistant.

Dodge Ram Owner: Yeah. I mean, have you sold very many LOMAX?

Peter: Yeah. I mean, I quite frankly, I don't hear bad things about it at all. I never get complaints about it or anything like that. So, I imagine it does seal pretty well.

Dodge Ram Owner: I mean, everything I read, most of the reviews are positive. There's been a few negative ones, but most of them seem to be... I don't know, a year to two years ago they had a different seal arrangement on there that apparently they've changed or something.

Peter: Right.

Dodge Ram Owner: Or they had a batch of bad seals that came from a vendor or something. Depends on what you're reading and where you're reading it. But, so what would... Have you got a price on an SE?

Peter: Yeah, I do. I sent it in an email quote just now.

Dodge Ram Owner: Why is that the same price as everybody else? All of your other prices are competitive.

Peter: Yes, it's because it has to come on a freight truck because of its size and weight. So yeah, it's not as competitive.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay well I'm going to think on this some more. I just wanted to know if this was a good cover or not.

Peter: Got you. Sure, just give me a call if you have any other questions!

Is the BAKFlip MX4 Available for the New Body Style of the 2019 Dodge Ram?

Dodge Ram Owner: I've been going through emails with you on those tonneau covers.

Peter: Okay, what are you looking for?

Dodge Ram Owner: I've got a new Dodge Ram 1500, and I was looking at that, hang on one's here. The BAKFlip MX4.

Peter: Yep, is it the new body style?

Dodge Ram Owner: Yes. It is the new body style. Is the MX4 available for the new body style?

Peter: Yep! Okay, so 2019 Ram 1500, new body style. What's the bed in length?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a 5'7" bed.

Peter: Okay, and do you have Ram boxes?

Dodge Ram Owner: Nope. No Ram Boxes.

Peter: Perfect. I can do free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona. Did you want to get that ordered today?

Dodge Ram Owner: Yes I would.

Peter: All right. So allow about five to seven days for delivery of this. And you're gonna receive a email confirmation just a second here.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. I appreciate it.

Does the BAKFlip MX4 Include Everything Needed to Install it on My 2019 Dodge Ram?

Dodge Ram Owner: I was calling about a price quote I received on a tonneau cover for my truck.

Peter: Okay what truck was it for?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a 2019 Dodge Ram, 1500, crew cab, it's the new body style, without the Ram boxes. Five foot seven bed.

Peter: And which cover were you looking at?

Dodge Ram Owner: The BAKFlip MX4

Peter: Okay. Yes, that's the most popular.

Dodge Ram Owner: You have the best price on it. What do I need to do to order this?

Peter: I can take care of it with you right now if you'd like.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okie dokie, and you'll send an email confirmation?

Peter: Yes. Allow about five to seven days for delivery. You're going to get an email confirmation here in just a second.

Dodge Ram Owner: Will it give me the part number for the BAKFlip MX4?

Peter: Yes, in the email. It's a 448227.

Dodge Ram Owner: 448227, that's everything to install it and all that, right?

Peter: Yes.

Dodge Ram Owner: So it's ready to go, when it gets here I install it and I'm good to go? I don't need to make modifications or drill to install it?

Peter: Nope. It's a pretty straightforward installation.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okie dokie, well, if I have any questions I'll call you back your contact information's on the email.

Peter: Yeah, you're good to go.

What's the difference between the BAKFlip MX4 and the BAKFlip F1?

Dodge Ram Owner: I was referred to you guys through a friend who bought a truck bed cover off of you.

Peter: Okay. What cover can I help you with?

Dodge Ram Owner: I submitted yesterday and then I got one of your automated email responses telling me to contact you guys.

Peter: Okay. What truck was it for?

Dodge Ram Owner: That's a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500.

Peter: Okay. Do you have the RamBoxes?

Dodge Ram Owner: No. No RamBoxes.

Peter: Okay. And which cover were you looking at?

Dodge Ram Owner: I was looking at both the BAKFlip MX4 and the BAKFlip F1.

Peter: Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: I think, because those are the two that let you open and close the tailgate, right?

Peter: That's right. Yep. So I just sent you pricing on the MX4, and the F1 is only $10 more. It's free shipping.

Dodge Ram Owner: What's the difference between the BAKFlip MX4 and the BAKFlip F1?

Peter: Just the material that they're made of. The MX4 is a aluminum and the F1 is a fiberglass reinforced polymer. That's the only difference there.

Dodge Ram Owner: So living in a hot state, is it better to do the fiber? Does that not get as hot?

Peter: Yeah, I'd go with the fiberglass. It's going to be less hot for sure. And it's more durable. It stands up to denting and stuff like that better than the aluminum of the MX4.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. Excellent. And so if I want to move forward, how do I do that?

Peter: We can take care of it over the phone and then put it in for shipping. It's quick and easy.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. Sounds great.

BAK FiberMAX vs BAKFlip MX4 for a 2019 Dodge Ram With a 5'7 Bed

Dodge Ram Owner: I have a couple of questions about the cover you just sent me an email. I had originally inquired about the BAK FiberMAX.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: I've had a couple of them on my previous vehicles. I had a 2013 Ram and I know that after about, I don't know, it was like a year, I had to call in a warranty claim. They covered it with no issues whatsoever, and they went ahead and sent me out a new cover.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right

Dodge Ram Owner: I have a couple of friends that also have the FiberMAX and they had the same issue as well. I don't know if it was an issue with manufacturing, or if it was material issue or what, but the cover got these real fine cracks in it in between the texture of the FiberMAX cover.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay

Dodge Ram Owner: and I guess water would get inside the FiberMAX cover and create an issue with swelling, you know?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right

Dodge Ram Owner: With that being said, has that issue been addressed already or is it that an ongoing issue? I think what's causing the crack is that it gets very hot down here in Florida and we have a lot of humidity. We get thunderstorms that come out of nowhere plus 100 degree weather. So you're talking rain water hitting a super hot surface. I guess that would cause little tiny fractures in the material. 

Tonneau Covered Agent: I've heard of that occurring, I don't believe it's been addressed. I'm not positive on that, but I know that that doesn't happen with the aluminum covers like the BAKFlip MX4.

Dodge Ram Owner: Right. The only downside to the aluminum though that I don't like is that you toss something on the bed of your truck real quick and it dents.

Tonneau Covered Agent: I see.

Dodge Ram Owner: So between those 2 covers you either face the FiberMAX issue or you face the issue with something getting tossed on your bed and denting it. Once it's dented, that's it. There's nothing can be done about it.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right

Dodge Ram Owner: So it's a give and take. With that being said, that MX4 cover, is that cover a more expensive cover, or is that a cheaper cover than the FiberMAX? I thought the FiberMAX was the more heavier duty one.

Tonneau Covered Agent: So the FiberMAX does stand up to denting better than the aluminum, but the MX4 does cost more. What truck was this for again?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's for a 2019 Dodge Ram, with a 5'7 bed

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay

Dodge Ram Owner: When I read about the FiberMAX they're saying that the FiberMAX is more durable than the MX4, but the MX4 is more durable than the G2. Is that correct? 

Tonneau Covered Agent: That's correct. Yeah, the MX4 is kind of its own animal. It's the most popular tonneau cover on the market, period. So pricing gets a little more competitive.

Dodge Ram Owner: Because the MX4 is the more popular option?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yes, exactly.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. I saw a video on YouTube about a feature that I wasn't sure if they were incorporating yet. They were showing the MX4 and I'm sure it's going to be the same thing with the G2 or the FiberMAX, that they have a new system where it automatically holds the top up. It locks it in place rather than to have the back arm to put it in the little slot there and tighten down the handle. Has that been incorporated into these tops yet?

Tonneau Covered Agent: No, it hasn't. They've been talking about that for 2 years but it has not yet.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay, yeah I know because I saw a video and I was like oh wait a minute, they got a new locking mechanism where it automatically locks.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right

Dodge Ram Owner: So that hasn't been put in yet. Alrighty, so on the FiberMAX. Does that still comes with a three year warranty or no?

Tonneau Covered Agent: It's a 2 year warranty

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh it's a 2 year. Okay. So, then the FiberMAX is a 2 year warranty and the MX4 is a 3 year warranty?

Tonneau Covered Agent: That's right

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay, alright and the 3 year covers on the MX4 obviously doesn't cover dents because it's user error, correct?

Tonneau Covered Agent: That's right.

Dodge Ram Owner: Because I'm still leaning toward the FiberMAX even though I've had that, I've had that issue but it's just one of those things where I'm like I don't know if I want to have to deal with the cracks again or if I want to take the chance and go with the aluminum and then take the chance in getting the top dented even though it shouldn't realistically.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Right.

Dodge Ram Owner: So that's something I have to think of real quick. I need to figure out if I want the BAKFlip MX4 or the FiberMAX. I'll give you a call back.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay, sounds good, we'll talk to you soon.

How Do I Get Expedited Shipping on a BAKFlip G2 for a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Sixler New Style Body

Dodge Ram Owner: I got an advertisement for you guys on a BAKFlip G2.

Peter: What truck is it for?

Dodge Ram Owner: That is for a 2019 Ram 1500, and it's what they call a sixler new style body. 5'7 bed without the ram box.

Peter: Yeah. Did you want to get that order today?

Dodge Ram Owner: Sure. What's the regular delivery time on that?

Peter: It's about five days.

Dodge Ram Owner: There's a little thing here that says something about "for under $30, I can get it within 24-48 hours." Do I qualify for expedited shipping? 

Peter: Okay. Yeah, you do qualify for that. I could get it to you by Wednesday for an additional $24.99.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay, just add that in with the price list.

Peter: Okay let me put this in for shipping right now.

Dodge Ram Owner: Now with this awesome price that you all just put on here this is not rebuilt, redone, anything, right?

Peter: No, this is brand new.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. Well it's going on a brand new truck. I haven't even taken delivery on that. That will be in a couple of days. I can't see putting a used cover on a new truck.

Peter: Of course. No, this is brand new.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. Perfect. 

Peter: I'm getting it in for expedited shipping right now. You should have it by the end of the day on Wednesday.