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What's the Best Tonneau Cover for a 2019 Chevy 3/4 ton With 8 Foot Bed?

Chevy Owner: I have a 2019 Chevy 3/4 ton long box and I'm looking for a Tonneau cover for that.

Sean: I never get that 3/4 ton. Is that a 3500?

Chevy Owner: Yes that's a 3500.

Sean: Okay. Yeah I've been doing this for 10 years, and I still, I'm not a truck guy I guess. Only trucks I've ever had are 1500s Rams.

Chevy Owner: Yeah, this is a heavy duty 3/4 ton. Eight foot box, 2019.

Sean: You wanted the MX4, correct?? The BAKflip?

Chevy Owner: Um no, I was wondering what your recommendations were.

Sean: Oh okay. Well man, there's all sorts of options. What do you use your truck for?

Chevy Owner: For work and for play.

Sean: Okay. Do you have a fifth wheel or anything like that?

Chevy Owner: Nope no fifth wheel

Sean: Okay. Yeah man, it kinda depends on your style at that point and what you wanna spend. I think an MX4 would look really good on there. It's matte black and is flush, it's gonna sit flush to your bed rails.

Chevy Owner: And you'll lift it up from the front and open it? Or do you have to flip 'em all the way back?

Sean: You'll have to flip 'em all the way back.

Chevy Owner: I was just wondering if they make a cargo, you know that goes up front of that too?

Sean: They do. They make a BAK Box. Its called the BAK Box 2.

Chevy Owner: Any other options or covers you would recommend?

Sean: Other options than that? I mean that's gonna be the best option as far as the folding plush mount cover goes. If you wanted something that's gonna sit on top of the rails, you mentioned opening it from the front as well I would say Encore. Extang Encore. But it sits on top of the rails instead of in between.

Chevy Owner: I don't want that either, that would probably look bad. That flips too I take it?

Sean: Correct. Yeah it flips to the rear and it flips toward the glass and it flips towards the tailgate. But on that cover you can't travel with it open in any position, you can't travel with it open up against...it doesn't lean up against the cab, so you're still gonna, you're losing a little bit of bed there with that one. The other option that I was gonna suggest, and actually the best cover in my opinion as far as functionality and look goes, it's just a little pricey is the Retrax. I don't know if you have ever heard of them.

Chevy Owner: I have. Ok, I think you have given me some good suggestions. Let me do some more research on these covers and I'll call you back. 

Sean: Sounds good. 

What's the difference between the BAKFlip MX4 and the BAKFlip F1?

Dodge Ram Owner: I was referred to you guys through a friend who bought a truck bed cover off of you.

Peter: Okay. What cover can I help you with?

Dodge Ram Owner: I submitted yesterday and then I got one of your automated email responses telling me to contact you guys.

Peter: Okay. What truck was it for?

Dodge Ram Owner: That's a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500.

Peter: Okay. Do you have the RamBoxes?

Dodge Ram Owner: No. No RamBoxes.

Peter: Okay. And which cover were you looking at?

Dodge Ram Owner: I was looking at both the BAKFlip MX4 and the BAKFlip F1.

Peter: Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: I think, because those are the two that let you open and close the tailgate, right?

Peter: That's right. Yep. So I just sent you pricing on the MX4, and the F1 is only $10 more. It's free shipping.

Dodge Ram Owner: What's the difference between the BAKFlip MX4 and the BAKFlip F1?

Peter: Just the material that they're made of. The MX4 is a aluminum and the F1 is a fiberglass reinforced polymer. That's the only difference there.

Dodge Ram Owner: So living in a hot state, is it better to do the fiber? Does that not get as hot?

Peter: Yeah, I'd go with the fiberglass. It's going to be less hot for sure. And it's more durable. It stands up to denting and stuff like that better than the aluminum of the MX4.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. Excellent. And so if I want to move forward, how do I do that?

Peter: We can take care of it over the phone and then put it in for shipping. It's quick and easy.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. Sounds great.