FAQ — Ultra Flex


Does the Undercover Ultra Flex Include All Mounting Hardware For a 2014 Ford F-150?

F-150 Owner: I'm interested in the Undercover Ultra Flex cover.

Peter: Okay. And what truck is it for?

F-150 Owner: It's a 2014 F-150 Lariat.

Peter: How long is the bed?

F-150 Owner: Five-seven.

Peter: Okay. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-150 Owner: Okay. I'd like to order it then. It's the Ultra Flex, right?

Peter: That's right.

F-150 Owner: Okay. The Ultra Flex comes with all the mounting hardware and everything, right?

Peter: It does. Everything you need. Yep.

F-150 Owner: Okay. I'd like to order it.

Peter: Okay. So, 2014 F-150 short bed. I'll get this shipped out today. Before you install it just inspect everything. Make sure nothing was damaged in shipping. It's really rare for that to happen. But if anything were damaged, do not install it, just call us and we'll take care of it.

Is the Undercover UltraFlex Pricing Affected by Bed Length for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma with a 6'2" bed?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I have a 2013 Toyota Tacoma with a long bed. I guess is 6 foot, 6'2" long bed. I was interested in the UnderCover Ultra Flex. The email I received back gave me a price, but then below it says, “pricing on the Flex may vary from truck to truck long beds.” I was wondering what would be the price?

Peter: Yeah. No, that price is correct for your truck; for a '13 Tacoma, 6' bed. It's also free shipping and no sales tax due to your location.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay. I'm just throwing it out there; I'm military. Do you guys do a military discount?

Peter: We don't at this time, but that's only because we already offer the lowest possible prices.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Yeah, you're offering a really good price for the Ultra Flex. And the installation, like I said I'm military so I think I'm pretty handy, it looks like it's real straightforward. You know, just line the rails up, put the clamps on and then line up the cover and then secure the cover to the rails?

Peter: Yes, it's very straight forward.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay, Peter, I'll give you a shout in a little bit.