FAQ — Toyota Tacoma


Where Can I Buy a BAKFlip MX4 and Running Boards for a 2019 Toyota Tacoma?

Tacoma Owner: Hi, I received your email about a tonneau cover.

Peter: Okay. Which cover were we talking about?

Tacoma Owner: It was the MX4. You had sent me a quote.

Peter: Okay. And what truck is it for?

Tacoma Owner: 2019 Toyota Tacoma with a six-foot bed.

Peter: Okay. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona. Do you want me to get that ordered for you?

Tacoma Owner: Yes, please. Let's get that cover ordered. Do you also sell running boards?

Peter: Yes.

Tacoma Owner: Do you carry the Ionic Pro Series 4?

Peter: We do not carry those particular ones. I am sorry. We do have others though.

Tacoma Owner: Could you send me information that you have on your running boards, or where can I get information on that?

Peter: Yeah. That's just one of the rare brands that we don't sell. We pretty much carry everything else. We don't advertise it on our site, though.  However, if you see anything on any other sites and happen to find what you're looking for, I'll beat their price anyway. I would just need a part number, and then I'd get you a great deal.

Tacoma Owner: Okay. So just a part number. Got it. Do you give any other additional deals for like a returning customer or anything like that?

Peter: We do. Yeah, I'll get you a good deal on anything else you're looking for.

Tacoma Owner: Awesome. And that cover comes with the install instructions?

Peter: It does. Please allow 5-7 days for that cover to ship and you are all set for now. 

How Can I Get Financing on an Undercover UltraFlex for a 2018 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Yes, I'm actually interested in seeing what you can do for the Undercover Ultra Flex.

Peter: Okay, what truck is it for?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: It's for 2018 Toyota Tacoma.

Peter: Okay. I emailed you a price quote on this.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I have the TRD Pro series for the truck. I don't know if that makes a difference?

Peter: I just need to know the bed length.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I have a 5 foot 2 bed.

Peter: Okay. It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax, if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay. Just so you know, I called one of your competitors. And they said they can set me up for a few dollars cheaper.

Peter: Okay.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: But you guys offer free shipping with no sales tax also, and I want it to get here sooner than later.

Peter: Based on your location, I can ship it from my Dallas warehouse today through FedEx. You'd either receive it tomorrow or Wednesday?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay, and can you match your competitor's price?

Peter: Yeah. I mean, I'll even beat them by a couple bucks.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay, and do y'all do financing?

Peter: We do. It's through a company called Klarna. I sent you the link to checkout online. You follow it all the way to the end and fill out all the information. Select Klarna. They'll do an instant credit check, and if you qualify, it's 0% for a year.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Wow. I like that. Because my dad orders his through that same competitor I mentioned and it's like 29 percent interest on his.

Peter: Okay once you fill out all the information, follow it all the way to the end, and select Klarna. And then follow the prompts, it just takes a couple seconds, and then I'll see it on my end, when you complete it. And I'll get it shipped right out.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay, I appreciate that.

Peter: Yeah, so you're all set.

Will the BAKFlip G2 fit a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with a 5 foot bed?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I sent you a request for a quote that you responded back to by email.

Peter: Okay.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: My brother bought from you last week. He bought the BAKFlip MX4.

Peter: Okay.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: The one I guess that I'm inquiring about is the BAKFlip G2.

Peter: Okay what truck is it for?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: A 2001 Toyota Tacoma with a 5 foot bed.

Peter: Okay. So I've got the G2 in stock. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Is there anyone that would fit better? Anything other than the G2?

Peter: The G2 will fit perfectly.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Also I had an email to ask about the free gift, the tailgate seal.

Peter: Yeah we can include that as well.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay. Well I think I would like to purchase that please.

Peter: Okay. So we'll get this shipped out here. You're going to get an email confirmation for the purchase.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay. Thank you

Is the Undercover Ultraflex Suitable for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma with a Long Bed?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I've looked at so many kinds of covers. Will the Undercover Ultraflex fit the 2013 Toyota Tacoma with the long bed?

Peter: Yes

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I've also seen a lot of the other tonneau covers like the BAKFlip and some of the others. They fold all the way up but then they also rub lean up against the window or the back of the cab. However, the Ultraflex does not. Is that correct?

Peter: That is correct.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Good because I don't want it to lean up against the cab, and if you're wondering why it's because I don't want to have those rubber stoppers on the top of the tonneau cover when it's closed.

Peter: Understandable.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: The Ultraflex is what I want if you can confirm that it's available for the Tacoma.

Peter: Yep, it is.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay, alright. So, I'd like to order the Ultraflex then, please.

Peter: Okay, I would be happy to help with that.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Will this be shipped UPS, freight, or how do you ship?

Peter: It'll be FedEx. Alright, I'll get this in for shipping right now.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Well thanks, Peter. I appreciate your help and time.

Is the Undercover UltraFlex Pricing Affected by Bed Length for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma with a 6'2" bed?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I have a 2013 Toyota Tacoma with a long bed. I guess is 6 foot, 6'2" long bed. I was interested in the UnderCover Ultra Flex. The email I received back gave me a price, but then below it says, “pricing on the Flex may vary from truck to truck long beds.” I was wondering what would be the price?

Peter: Yeah. No, that price is correct for your truck; for a '13 Tacoma, 6' bed. It's also free shipping and no sales tax due to your location.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay. I'm just throwing it out there; I'm military. Do you guys do a military discount?

Peter: We don't at this time, but that's only because we already offer the lowest possible prices.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Yeah, you're offering a really good price for the Ultra Flex. And the installation, like I said I'm military so I think I'm pretty handy, it looks like it's real straightforward. You know, just line the rails up, put the clamps on and then line up the cover and then secure the cover to the rails?

Peter: Yes, it's very straight forward.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay, Peter, I'll give you a shout in a little bit.

How Long Does Shipping Take Once I Place an Order for a Tonneau Cover?

Tacoma Owner: Hey Peter, I ordered a tonneau cover and everything's confirmed, but how long does it typically take for them to ship out?

Peter: Let me see here. Alright, yeah you ordered on Monday for your Tacoma. Okay. So typically you'll receive it about five to seven days from when your order. It usually takes two or three days until it ships and then two or three days later you would receive it. Everything looks good here. I can always request tracking on this if you'd like and then I can email it over to you.

Tacoma Owner: I just thought I'd check to make sure and check that everything looked good on my order.

Peter: Yeah. No I understand. No worries. Everything looks good. We actually don't send shipping confirmations because it comes directly from the manufacturer, not us. But we can always locate tracking at any time. But I would say you're probably gonna have it by the end of the week, or early like next week.