FAQ — 2001 Toyota


Will the BAKFlip G2 fit a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with a 5 foot bed?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I sent you a request for a quote that you responded back to by email.

Peter: Okay.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: My brother bought from you last week. He bought the BAKFlip MX4.

Peter: Okay.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: The one I guess that I'm inquiring about is the BAKFlip G2.

Peter: Okay what truck is it for?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: A 2001 Toyota Tacoma with a 5 foot bed.

Peter: Okay. So I've got the G2 in stock. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Is there anyone that would fit better? Anything other than the G2?

Peter: The G2 will fit perfectly.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Also I had an email to ask about the free gift, the tailgate seal.

Peter: Yeah we can include that as well.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay. Well I think I would like to purchase that please.

Peter: Okay. So we'll get this shipped out here. You're going to get an email confirmation for the purchase.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay. Thank you