FAQ — folding tonneau cover


Is a Folding or Roll-Up Cover Better for a 2017 Ford F-350?

F-350 Owner: I'm looking for Access Laredo, if you have that.

Peter: We do. What truck is it for?

F-350 Owner: 2017 F-350 with an eight foot bed.

Peter: Okay. Laredo. I can do that with free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-350 Owner: Do you know a whole lot about them? I mean is it a hard, what's the difference between the fold up and the roll up? Other than the roll up give you more room, but is that how it works?

Peter: Yes, exactly.

F-350 Owner: When you use the fold up, how much of the front can't you use? When it folds, do you get the last three feet, is that something like that or?

Peter: Pretty much. About two and a half feet.

F-350 Owner: About two and a half feet. But the fold up would probably be a little stronger with a snow load or something. Does it has slats across?

Peter: That's correct.

F-350 Owner: It would have a little more, okay. Do any of them lock?

Peter: Yeah. When your tailgate is locked, the cover is locked. That's how they're designed.

F-350 Owner: On the roll ups also?

Peter: Yes.

F-350 Owner: Okay. I guess, well, what do you have for an Access then in a fold up? What do you carry?

Peter: Access doesn't carry the fold up. It'd be probably an Extang Trifecta 2.0.

F-350 Owner: Extang it's called?

Peter: Yes.

F-350 Owner: Trifecta 2.0. what would that run, I guess for?

Peter: It's going to be the same price as the Access Laredo

F-350 Owner: Okay. And do you ship out right away then when I order or how does that work?

Peter: We do.

F-350 Owner: What else do you have in the fold up? Just that Extang?

Peter: The Extang is the one I would recommend.

F-350 Owner: Okay. All righty. Well thank you so much.

Is the Undercover Ultraflex Suitable for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma with a Long Bed?

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I've looked at so many kinds of covers. Will the Undercover Ultraflex fit the 2013 Toyota Tacoma with the long bed?

Peter: Yes

Toyota Tacoma Owner: I've also seen a lot of the other tonneau covers like the BAKFlip and some of the others. They fold all the way up but then they also rub lean up against the window or the back of the cab. However, the Ultraflex does not. Is that correct?

Peter: That is correct.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Good because I don't want it to lean up against the cab, and if you're wondering why it's because I don't want to have those rubber stoppers on the top of the tonneau cover when it's closed.

Peter: Understandable.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: The Ultraflex is what I want if you can confirm that it's available for the Tacoma.

Peter: Yep, it is.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Okay, alright. So, I'd like to order the Ultraflex then, please.

Peter: Okay, I would be happy to help with that.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Will this be shipped UPS, freight, or how do you ship?

Peter: It'll be FedEx. Alright, I'll get this in for shipping right now.

Toyota Tacoma Owner: Well thanks, Peter. I appreciate your help and time.