FAQ — Tacoma


How Long Does Shipping Take Once I Place an Order for a Tonneau Cover?

Tacoma Owner: Hey Peter, I ordered a tonneau cover and everything's confirmed, but how long does it typically take for them to ship out?

Peter: Let me see here. Alright, yeah you ordered on Monday for your Tacoma. Okay. So typically you'll receive it about five to seven days from when your order. It usually takes two or three days until it ships and then two or three days later you would receive it. Everything looks good here. I can always request tracking on this if you'd like and then I can email it over to you.

Tacoma Owner: I just thought I'd check to make sure and check that everything looked good on my order.

Peter: Yeah. No I understand. No worries. Everything looks good. We actually don't send shipping confirmations because it comes directly from the manufacturer, not us. But we can always locate tracking at any time. But I would say you're probably gonna have it by the end of the week, or early like next week.