FAQ — 2014 Toyota Tundra


Does Having a Deck Rail System on a 2014 Tundra Double Cab Change the Price of a Tonneau Cover?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I was speaking to Pete via email about the BAKflip MX 4 Cover, and he asked a question about a deck rail. I just got a 2014 Tundra pick-up truck, a double cab, and I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by a deck rail system inside the bed.

Shawn: So, inside of your bed, if you have the rail system, you'll have those tie down cleats. Is that something that you have?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yeah, then I guess I do have a deck rail system.

Shawn: Okay. Yeah, that changes the price a little bit because there's a different kit that goes with that. Hold on one second here.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Oh, okay. I think he might have misunderstood me. I told him I had something inside. But I thought you meant those bars on top of the actual cab. The bed. Because some trucks have those big bars that go across, that run the bed length. But I don't have that. But I do have the adjustable tie downs inside the bed, up top, I think on the side.

Shawn: You said it's a 2014 Tundra?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yeah. 2014 Tundra, double cab.

Shawn: What size bed?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I believe it's a 6.6. It's not the short bed, it's the one in between the short and the long bed. So I believe it's the 6.6 one. It's a limited edition, if that makes any difference. But I'm assuming not.

Shawn: No, the only thing we go off is the year, make, model, and bed size. So, for the deck rail you're looking at an extra $40.

Toyota Tundra Owner: That's still not too bad. It's a little bit cheaper than online, that's for sure. Let's do it. 

Shawn: All right, I'll go ahead and get you checked out and get everything shipped.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay, appreciate that. Thank you very much.

What Information is Needed for a Price Quote for a Retractable Cover for a 2014 Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I was calling about a Tonneau cover for a 2014 Toyota Tundra.

Peter: Okay.

Toyota Tundra Owner: I wanted to see how much it cost.

Peter: Okay, what's the bed length?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Five foot seven.

Peter: Okay, and do you have the deck rail system? The tie-down system in the bed?

Toyota Tundra Owner: No.

Peter: Okay, and which tonneau cover were you looking at?

Toyota Tundra Owner: The retractable cover. You have two or three different ones, right?

Peter: We have about 20 different retractable covers. Who is the manufacturer?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I don't know. I'd have to go back online and look again. 

Peter: Okay, yeah just let me know the manufacturer, and the model, and I can get you a quote.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. Okay, I'll look it up and check it out, and then I'll give you a call again.