FAQ — tonneau cover discounts


How Can I Get the Best Price on a RetraxONE Tonneau Cover for a Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger Owner: I got an email from you, guys a while back, regarding a Tonneau Cover that I wanted to purchase. Someone actually sent me like an invoice. So I all I had to do it's to click on it and complete the purchase.

Shaun: Yeah. Did you do that?

Ford Ranger Owner: I wanted to see if there was a change in the price first. 

Shaun: What's the item you're trying to order, my friend?

Ford Ranger Owner: It's the RetraxONE, Tonneau Cover for a Ford Ranger.

Shaun: In that case I'd go with that link you have there because they had a price increase the first of April, so depending on how long ago it was, you may actually have the best price right there in front of you.  

Ford Ranger Owner: Okay, are there any discounts? Any first responder, or discounts like that you guys offer? You know, fire fighters, cops?

Shaun: Let me look at your order with the quote really quick. 

Ford Ranger Owner: Okay. Yeah, the guy who sent it to me, he was like just made it so that it was easy, all I had to do was click on it to order.

Shaun: Yeah, I'm looking at your quote now and that's going to be better than what I can do today. So I would definitely go with that one. That's free shipping and no tax if you're outside of Arizona.

Ford Ranger Owner: So, alright, yeah I'm going to go with this then. I was just curious if the price went down or if you offered any discounts. Like military, first responders, sometimes they do, you know?

Shaun: I hear you, and normally we do, but the price you have is already better than even that price that I normally give out. So I can't budge on that, unfortunately. But it's always a good idea to call first to make sure you're getting the best price. 

Ford Ranger Owner: Right. Okay, no problem. You got this in stock, or this has to be made?

Shaun: They do make them to order and they ship out of North Dakota, so usually it takes two days, three days to make it, and then I'd say three to four days anywhere in the US.