FAQ — Bucket Clasp


How Do I Get Replacement Parts for my BAKFlip MX4?

Tonneau Covered Customer: I ordered a BAKflip M4 from you and I got it. There's some parts missing that I need to see if you can get for me.

Peter: I'm really sorry about that. What was missing?

Tonneau Covered Customer: The buckle that goes on top. The little buckle clasp. There's two of them that when you open up the BAKflip when you don't open it all the way you can take your straps and click it right into that buckle clasp. I looked everywhere. I mean I tore the box open I don't know how many times. I got it all installed. I need to get those two.

Peter: We work directly with the manufacturer so your cover actually came directly from them. The fastest way to resolve this, and I think they even overnight them to you. You just have to give them a call. I can give you their number here and they'll get those rushed out to you right away. I really apologize for the inconvenience.

Tonneau Covered Customer: That's all right. What's their number?

Peter: BAK's phone number is 818-365-9000.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay. I will give them a call. Thank you!