FAQ — 2017 Ford


How Can I Get an Extang Encore Shipped Quickly For My 2017 Ford F-250?

F-250 Owner: Yeah, I'm calling about an Extang Encore tonneau cover.

Peter: Okay. What truck is it for?

F-250 Owner: A 2017 Ford F-250.

Peter: What's the bed like?

F-250 Owner: It measures 80 inches inside the bed. It's not a long bed.

Peter: Got you, okay. Yup, so I've got that here. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-250 Owner: How long until the cover arrives?

Peter: It would be about five days.

F-250 Owner: What's it shipping by?

Peter: It's FedEx, but it comes directly from the manufacturer. So typically, it can take two days to ship from the time you order and then you'd receive it about three days after that.

F-250 Owner: Okay, so that's shipping out of Michigan. That's where they make that stuff.

Peter: Yes.

F-250 Owner: So let's see, what's today, is Wednesday. You're saying that I should have it by next Tuesday. That's kind of lengthy for me.

Peter: Okay. Do you need it sooner than that? We do have other options. Let me just double check if it'll work in this case. Give me just a second. I could get it shipped out of Jasper warehouse, Indiana today or tomorrow morning, which would mean you'd have it Friday, Saturday, or Monday at the latest.

F-250 Owner: Friday, Saturday, or Monday?

Peter: Yeah, well, it's because if FedEx delivers in your neck of the woods on Saturday, then you'd probably have it Saturday at the latest. If not, it would be Monday at the latest.

F-250 Owner: What was the earliest? Friday?

Peter: Okay, yeah, I think you could probably have it by Friday because I can get it shipped today from Jasper.

F-250 Owner: All right, well, let's try it.

Peter: Okay, I will get this moving right now. You're going to get a confirmation email here. Here we go, and you are all set.