FAQ — MX4 Installation


Who Can Help With Trouble Installing an MX4 Tonneau Cover?

Truck Owner: I bought an MX4 cover from you. I guess I'm having a hard time installing it, as far as when I put that weatherstripping on the front of the bed. Can you help?

Peter: What's going on? 

Truck Owner: I put it back toward the bed as far as I can. When I put the tailgate up those three seals that are on top, that's supposed to fit them or supposed to be within a quarter inch; that is right. But, on the front of the box I can't. The rubber strip that's on the tonneau cover itself fits right on top of the weatherstripping.

Peter: What I think you should do is call BAK Industries.' They have some techs over there that will be able to help you with this and resolve this for you. They're really good at that.

Truck Owner: If it doesn't work, what would we do after that? Should I just give you a call back?

Peter: They're going to be able to help you. If you need to call me back, do that, no problem. But don't worry.

Truck Owner: I appreciate it. Thank you very much.