FAQ — AMP Research Plug and Play


Is the AMP Research Plug and Play Available For My 2006 Dodge Ram 2500?

Dodge Ram Owner.: I talked to you last week about some AMP steps for my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 and I was just gonna see if I can call and place an order cause I tried to do it online, but it would not send me an email.

Peter: OK. OK I can get you going here.

Dodge Ram Owner.: OK, but I wanted to add the extensions as well. Do you carry the extensions for my Ram?

Peter: Let me see if AMP carries those. Okay, yes I see them here so I can add that to the order.

Dodge Ram Owner.: OK and that's free shipping, right?

Peter: Yes.

Dodge Ram Owner.: Alright and what is that, the plug and play?

Peter: It's not. They don't make the plug and play for your vehicle.

Dodge Ram Owner.: Okay. So it comes with the wiring and everything?

Peter: It does.

Dodge Ram Owner.: OK alright, so I just have to tap into wherever I need to.

Peter: Yup. You're gonna get an email confirmation here in just a second and I'll get this shipped out ASAP.

Installation and Shipping Information on the AMP Research PowerStep Plug and Play for a 2016 Silverado, 3500 HD

Silverado Owner: Hi, I got a quote for your AMP PowerStep plug and play and I'm wondering how you guys get them and are able to sell them for so much under their MSRP, I guess?

Peter: We deal directly with the manufacturer so we have special relationships with them. And we do a ton of volume. So, you know, we can do special pricing that other people can't offer.

Silverado Owner: Right. And then do you guys also offer the same warranty, all that type of stuff?

Peter: Yes, it's still the manufacturer warranty that five year, 60000 miles, yes.

Silverado Owner: Right. All right. And then, where are you guys located?

Peter: We're in Scottsdale, Arizona but they wouldn't necessarily ship from here. What truck is this for?

Silverado Owner: It's a 2016 Silverado, 3500 HD.

Peter: Okay so it's free shipping and no sales tax for you.

Silverado Owner: Who do you ship with?

Peter: It's going to be FedEx.

Silverado Owner: And then one more question, with those plug in play steps on the 2016 3500 HD do you have to do any sort of modification to install them?

Peter: No. No, that's a standard install on those.

Silverado Owner: Okay. So I could do it with some basic tools in the garage there.

Peter: Yes, absolutely.

Silverado Owner: Right. Okay. And I was reading it plugs into the OBD port?

Peter: It does. Yes, so they don't have to be hardwired or anything like that. It's pretty straightforward.

Silverado Owner: Yes, and is that with the LEDs on the steps?

Peter: Yes.

Silverado Owner: Everything's through the OBD port?

Peter: Yes. Absolutely.

Silverado Owner: Okay. Well, that's good to know and that's a dang good price, so I'll probably be back in touch.

Peter: Okay, yes, let me know. I've got them in stock, they're ready to go.