FAQ — Retrax Power Trax Pro


What is the Price Difference on a Retrax Cover For a Dually With an 8 Foot Bed?

Dodge Ram Owner: Peter! Good morning. I was looking through your website regarding the sliders, the power sliders for the trucks?

Peter: Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: I have a 2013 Dodge Ram. The mega cab. Something like that, what does it run?

Peter: You're talking about an eight foot fed, right?

Dodge Ram Owner: You know what? I want to say mine is six foot bed, 'cause I got the mega cab. It's a little short.

Peter: Okay, but it's a Dually?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a Dually, yes.

Peter: Hm, okay. Most Duallys are eight feet, but maybe you have a different setup. For the shorter beds, that you believe you have, the Retrax Powertrax Pro, which is a powered aluminum tonneau cover, would be good. I'll send you a quote right now. If it's an eight foot bed it's going to be about $100 more than that.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh, okay. Yeah, because like I say, I got the mega cab. The cab is bigger, but I think the bed is shorter.

Peter: Okay, 6'4". Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: Yeah. Yeah, something like that. I know it's not the long one, 'cause it wouldn't fit in my garage if it was.

Peter: Okay, got you. Got you. You should have the quote in your email now. That was for the aluminum powered retractable cover.

Dodge Ram Owner: Aluminum powered, okay. That's what I was looking for. Okay. All righty. I was just looking around. I read your website. I said, "Ah, let me check them out first." All right, Peter. Well, what I'll do, I'll look around more. Where am I calling? That's what I'm saying. Where am I calling at?

Peter: Well, we're in Arizona.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh! Okay, okay. Do you guys have any warehouses anywhere else in the country?

Peter: We ship directly from the manufacturer.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh, okay. Okay, okay. I see what you're saying. I'm always out of town. It's going to be hard. All right, Peter. Well, I appreciate your time. I'll look into it more. I thank you again.

Peter: No problem. Talk to you soon.

Does the Remote Tailgate Release Still Work on a 2016 F150 King Ranch with a Retrax Pro XR Cover?

F-150 Owner: You had sent me a quote yesterday and I called and talked to one of your other representatives. I'm looking at the Retrax Pro XR.

Peter: Okay.

F-150 Owner: I have a 2016 F150 King Ranch, so it has the remote tailgate release.

Peter: Okay.

F-150 Owner: I know that this Retrax goes over the tailgate. Is it so tight that the release, I mean, usually on these type of things until the seal wears in a little bit over a month or something, it might be a little tight from the release, but does the release still work?

Peter: Yes, it will be a little tight at first. With the Retrax it will be even a little bit tight when you're opening it and closing it for the first couple of weeks. So that's normal, but it definitely wears and you won't have any issues there.

F-150 Owner: All right, next question. The powered version, what's the cost of that versus the Pro XR?

Peter: Double check that here. So you want the powered?

F-150 Owner: No, I'm just comparing. The problem is because it's an FX4 it's up a little high and my wife's only five two.

Peter: Yep. I understand. What's the bed length?

F-150 Owner: Five and a half. Or five seven, whatever it is. It's a 2016 F150.

Peter: Okay. Let me see.

F-150 Owner: So it would be the Power Trax Pro XR.

Peter: Yep. There's roughly a $740 difference. Same deal with the free shipping. No sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-150 Owner: Okay. I'll make my decision in the next couple of hours and then I will give you a call this afternoon.

Peter: Okay. Sounds good. We'll talk to soon.