FAQ — long bed tonneau covers


What is the Price Difference on a Retrax Cover For a Dually With an 8 Foot Bed?

Dodge Ram Owner: Peter! Good morning. I was looking through your website regarding the sliders, the power sliders for the trucks?

Peter: Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: I have a 2013 Dodge Ram. The mega cab. Something like that, what does it run?

Peter: You're talking about an eight foot fed, right?

Dodge Ram Owner: You know what? I want to say mine is six foot bed, 'cause I got the mega cab. It's a little short.

Peter: Okay, but it's a Dually?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a Dually, yes.

Peter: Hm, okay. Most Duallys are eight feet, but maybe you have a different setup. For the shorter beds, that you believe you have, the Retrax Powertrax Pro, which is a powered aluminum tonneau cover, would be good. I'll send you a quote right now. If it's an eight foot bed it's going to be about $100 more than that.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh, okay. Yeah, because like I say, I got the mega cab. The cab is bigger, but I think the bed is shorter.

Peter: Okay, 6'4". Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: Yeah. Yeah, something like that. I know it's not the long one, 'cause it wouldn't fit in my garage if it was.

Peter: Okay, got you. Got you. You should have the quote in your email now. That was for the aluminum powered retractable cover.

Dodge Ram Owner: Aluminum powered, okay. That's what I was looking for. Okay. All righty. I was just looking around. I read your website. I said, "Ah, let me check them out first." All right, Peter. Well, what I'll do, I'll look around more. Where am I calling? That's what I'm saying. Where am I calling at?

Peter: Well, we're in Arizona.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh! Okay, okay. Do you guys have any warehouses anywhere else in the country?

Peter: We ship directly from the manufacturer.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh, okay. Okay, okay. I see what you're saying. I'm always out of town. It's going to be hard. All right, Peter. Well, I appreciate your time. I'll look into it more. I thank you again.

Peter: No problem. Talk to you soon.

What's the Best Retrax Cover for a 2007 Chevy 3500 Extended Cab Long Bed?

Chevy Owner: I'm looking for a Tonneau cover and I got an email back from you folks yesterday and now I'm just following up. I'm interested in the Retrax Pro XR.

Peter: Okay. Gotcha. What truck is it for?

Chevy Owner: It's for a 2007 Chevy 3500 Extended Cab long bed.

Peter: Okay. Let me see. Let me double check this, Retrax Pro XR for a 2007 Chevy 3500 eight foot bed. Got it, have we sent you a quote yet?

Chevy Owner: Yes, I received a quote yesterday.

Peter: It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

Chevy Owner: All right. I have just a couple questions. I saw something that if you buy before the end of April you get some Yakima crossbars.

Peter: That's correct. That's a rebate from Retrax right now.

Chevy Owner: So if that's included is there anything I have to do to get that?

Peter: Yeah the rebate is through Retrax, so you basically send in the rebate form and then they'll send you the bars.

Chevy Owner: Okay. Those are Yakima crossbars right?

Peter: That's correct.

Chevy Owner: Perfect. Now there was one question about whether or not this truck had wide top rails in terms of fit.

Peter: Well Retrax makes wide rails for some trucks, but not yours.

Chevy Owner: Okay. I just have this truck and I know that the top of the bed is four and a half inches wide or something so I didn't know if there was another model that was thinner or skinnier or this was standard. This cover covers up the stake bed holes, is that right?

Peter: Partially, yes.

Chevy Owner: Alright, so you folks don't carry the bike trays, the bicycle holders from Yakima?

Peter: We do not.

Chevy Owner: Okay. So then I'm looking at an email here. There's some other tailgate seal or something that you're going to include that seals up the space between your bed and the tailgate? What's that all about?

Peter: Yeah it's a tailgate seal kit. Just keeps water and dust out. It's a good addition with the tonneau cover.

Chevy Owner: Okay. So just go over everything one more time that I'm gonna get from you folks for the quoted price.

Peter: It's the Retract Pro XR, the rebate is included. So you'll send in the rebate form to get the Yakima bars and then we'll also be including the tailgate seal kit for free.

Chevy Owner: Sounds good and then so what do you expect shipping time to be on that?

Peter: Five to seven days.

Chevy Owner: Okay. I'll go ahead and order

Peter: Yeah you're all set. You're good to go.

Chevy Owner: Perfect. Easy, I like it. I'm excited. Thank you.