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What's the Best Retractable Cover For a Ford 2018 Model Crew Cab?

Ford Owner: Hey, Sean, I've got a Ford 2018 Model Crew Cab. I'm looking for a retractable cover. I don't want the shiny black. I want the flat black in color.

Sean: What size bed?

Ford Owner: It's the crew cab. I haven't actually measured the bed, but it's the crew cab Ford 2018 model.

Sean: Okay. Usually, on the double doors, it's a 5.5 short bed, or you'd have a 6.5, or an 8', which you'd know if you had an 8'.

Ford Owner: Yeah, it's not an 8'. If it came down to an order, I'd make sure before I ordered.

Sean: Yeah, so there are two different types of covers that Retrax offers. Retrax is actually probably the best brand when it comes to their rolling covers. There's the ONE, which is the polycarbonate series, and then the PRO, which is the aluminum series. The PRO, they're actually running a special right now on their Retrax XR, which is the RetraxPRO MX, which is a matte black finish, and the XR part are referring to the side rails. The side rails on that model have T-slots to where you can add bike racks and kayak racks and stuff like that, and right now they're actually doing a promotion where if you buy one of those XRs, they send you a free set of Yakima JetStream load bars with it which is a $500 value. 

Ford Owner: Okay. 

Sean: Then if you didn't want those bars, which honestly for an extra 100 bucks to get that $500 gift is worth it, but let's say you didn't want that option, you could go back down to just the RetraxPRO MX and save the $100 difference. What I was going to say was both of those come with a lifetime warranty as well. 

Ford Owner: Right. How about the Brinx?

Sean: Brinx? I've never even heard of a Brinx tonneau cover, so let's look here.

Ford Owner: What do you have at around, say, $1,000-$1,200 range?

Sean: If you wanna stay within that range you could still get a Retrax. You can get the ONE MX.

Ford Owner: What's the difference in the ONE MX?

Sean: Well, it's polycarbonate instead of aluminum. It does have aluminum support rods every three inches, but the material of the cover itself is actually polycarbonate which is a plastic, so it's not quite the cover that the aluminum one is, but honestly, if it's going on a daily drive and you're not in construction, you're not using that cover 50 times a day, the ONE would probably be perfect for you. It's got a three-year warranty instead of a lifetime.

Ford Owner: Yeah, we're just using this cover for a vacation vehicle.

Sean: Yeah, man. The RetraxONE would be perfect for you then. It looks just exactly the same as the aluminum. It functions the same. Like I said, it's the plastic instead of aluminum.

Ford Owner: Yeah. Have you heard of a Gator brand?

Sean: I have, and honestly, you know what that is? It's a private label of a Retrax. There are a couple different covers that Retrax has that are cheaper, and what they do is they space those support rods out a little bit further. I'm not sure if anything else is different as far as hardware and stuff like that, but I know that on those private labels, they take some of the extra cost out of it and that's what makes it cheaper and that's what makes them easily sold. But there are differences and that's the difference.

Ford Owner: Well, that shorter bed, I'm just using it as basically storage for luggage and stuff, but I also want a quality cover that I won't be replacing in five years.

Sean: Yeah, I've not heard a whole lot of issues with the Retrax, even the ONE. I worked for Truck Hero, which is the company that owns Retrax, and I sold Retrax all over the world, man. Australia, Dubai, Germany, all over the place, and it quickly became the number one seller. 

Ford Owner: Well, let me measure my bed and give it some thought and I may give you a shout back.

Sean: All right, man. If you give us a call, my name is Sean.

Best Floor Mats and Retrax Cover for my 2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty

F-250 Owner: I have been looking at a Tonneau Cover with you all for a few days now and I think I've come to the decision on what I want.

Shawn: Okay.

F-250 Owner: It's the Retrax, what is it the X, the aluminum one? I believe it's called the Pro MX.

Shawn: Okay. You know they have a special right now on the XR, which is the one that has the rails that you can add racks and stuff to.

F-250 Owner: Okay, with the bars on top, they go across the bed then? And then with the bike racks you have to attach them to those?

Shawn: Correct the rails for the XR come with a little what they call T-slot. Then you can actually add things like bike racks, luggage baskets, all sorts of stuff. And right now Retrax is actually doing a deal, if you buy one of those covers, they have a mail in rebate where they send you the load bars for free. So essentially, you can have your cover and you're going to have stuff underneath your cover, obviously. What was your truck again?

F-250 Owner: 2019 Ford F-250 Super duty four wheel drive, 6'9 bed. It would help compared to having to roll them up shoving the stuff in the back for bikes. And what kind of racks do you have? Do you have the racks available online that you get with it?

Shawn: We don't personally have them on our website, but anything that you find, if you come back to us with the description or the SKU I can look them up and I'm sure I can get it. Anything will work on it. I don't know if you have ever heard of Yakima, Thule, Rhino Rack, all that stuff will work on it because it is all T-slot.

F-250 Owner: Okay. So they come and I send the rebate in to get the bars that fit into the T-slots and then all I will have to do is the adapters that I want to put on there like bike racks and such.

Shawn: Correct. Boogie board racks, whatever you do.

F-250 Owner: Now, one more question on this. With that are they strong enough to put ladder racks on those?

Shawn: The one you would be getting is the short rack, but then Yakima makes another rack you could get that has the T-slots in it as well. It's a taller rack.

F-250 Owner: I'm trying to find this on your website which cover is. Do you have it on the website right now?

Shawn: Yes, it should be on our website.

F-250 Owner: I see the MX, but I don't see XR. It's pretty much the same thing, except it's powered then.

Shawn: Yeah the Retrax Pro XR between that and the MX is just the slots and rails. They look the same, they sit at the same height.

F-250 Owner: Okay I see where they just pick up the slots and slide them forward or out. And then you can add the other stuff on top of that from there. And see you can take them off and then not use it again.

Shawn: Right, absolutely. Yeah you can take accessories off. You are aways gonna have the slots in the railing, but you can take the accessories off.

F-250 Owner: See I kinda like that because I can put stuff in the back to keep it dry, other stuff, bicycles, or whatever, cargo, or boards on the backside.

Shawn: Right, exactly.

F-250 Owner: it says that I should get the tailgate seal kit for free.

Shawn: Yes, absolutely

F-250 Owner: Do you have the floor mats? What kind of floor mats of you have that you would recommend?

Shawn: For you, lets see here, I have Husky, WeatherTech, I like WeatherTech but at the same time the hard rubber is kinda a little more slick, at least, in my opinion than what the rubbery, more or a rubber than a plastic if that makes sense.

F-250 Owner: Which one is that the WeatherTech or the Husky?

Shawn: The Husky is more rubbery rather than the hard plastic that WeatherTech has, which I have found can be kinda slick. What color is your interior on you Super Duty?

F-250 Owner: I have black carpets.

Shawn: Black okay, yeah I think I can get you a full set.

F-250 Owner: And it's got the center console because in the middle between the driver and passenger all the way up. It's got a big 2-piece in front and 1-piece in rear. It's got the full 4-door cab on it. Would it snap into locator buttons on the floor for the original floor mats?

Shawn: Yes, they are called the X-Act Contour is what it's actually called. And let me see what I can get you on the price on the full set ... Crew cab right? Crew cab or Super Cab?

F-250 Owner: Super Cab it's got the full 4 doors on that thing, it's huge.

Shawn: I think I'm looking at the wrong one. I think it's actually crew and they call it. Because the Super cab I think what they refer to as, do you have a factory storage box under your rear seat?

F-250 Owner: Yes, it folds up and down and stuff.

Shawn: And your center console is covered, you don't need a hump cover.

F-250 Owner: Yeah in the front. I will give the Husky liners a shot. If I don't like them I can return them.

Shawn: I'm sure you will love them. I actually have them in my Challenger and in my Chrysler 300.

F-250 Owner: Back to Retrax, correct me if I'm wrong, I can lock it in any position on the way open that I want. It's not like every 12 inches like a lot of them are.

Shawn: Correct.

F-250 Owner: Okay that is what I thought. Because that is what I wanted so I can lock it wherever I want. T-slot sounds good too.

Shawn: Yeah it's a great deal. Especially since they are giving away those pieces right now, those extra racks. It makes it a lot more enticing.

F-250 Owner: And you will send the rebate to me or how will that come to me?

Shawn: I can definitely help you with that. The way that it happens is you just go to their site and fill out a few pieces of information and they send it to you. You fill it out, send it in to them, and then they will send you your part. Alright you should get an email from them. You should already have a couple from me. And then I'm getting ready to finish your order here.

F-250 Owner: One more thing. On the rocker seals do they make covers that can go on those to keep those from getting scratched up when you are getting in and out of the vehicle?

Shawn: Yes they do, let me see. Kick panels, Feldco has come really nice ones. Alright here is what I'm thinking about these doors seals. They have some that are black platinum. I'm just trying to make sure my supplier has them before I get you pumped up. But they would say either Super Duty or Ford on them.

F-250 Owner: Those aren't black, the color of the truck is not black, just the carpet is black but that's fine.

Shawn: They have stainless as well. So it's up to you stainless is cheaper by $30. There are black platinum ones as well.

F-250 Owner: Black platinum ones sound cool. Thanks a lot!

Shawn: Not a problem man. You should receive a confirmation email for you order. Give us a call if you need anything else.