FAQ — 2018 Ford F150 Super Crew


What is The Best Bed Liner or Bed Mat for My 2018 Ford F150 Super Crew?

Ford F-150 Owner: Hi, I was pinging you back and forth here for a while on the tonneau cover for a Ford, the BAKFlip MX4, and I wanted to get the order placed.

Peter: What truck was it for again?

Ford F-150 Owner: It's a 2018 Ford F150 Super Crew, short bed.

Peter: Okay, got it. I can still honor the original offer I sent you plus free shipping, and no sales tax.

Ford F-150 Owner: Cool. I was thinking about adding the bug screen for the front. Are those worth it?

Peter: Yeah, I don't know. Some guys just like the look of them. I think if it serves some purpose and they like the look, they get it, but I don't think it does a whole lot.

Ford F-150 Owner: That's where I'm leaning. Then the other thought that I had was what would it cost me to adding a bed liner.

Peter: What kind?

Ford F-150 Owner: It's already got that spray coating on it, that black stuff, but it's rough, so just like a pad or something.

Peter: A popular option is the Dee Zee Heavyweight Mat. It's a rubber mat that's a little bit thicker than your average mat.

Ford F-150 Owner: Okay. Let's do that and a cover.

Peter: Okay. Then I'm going to get this shipped out for you.

Ford F-150 Owner: Awesome. Thank you for your help.